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I'm a Star Trek fan from waaayyy back (as I've said multi-million times before).  Therefore I'm a Shatner fan from waaayyy back as well.

So when yet another courtroom drama from David E. Kelley started up in 2004 that continued a role Shatner played in Kelley's The Practice.  Naturally I had to watch.

And I fell in love with Denny Crane.  And shortly thereafter with Alan Shore (and by proxy James Spader.) 

Prior to SPN and prior to BSG--rather than calling out to my family that it's SPN Day!  Or BSG's on tonight!  I would yell out, "It's Denny Crane Night!"  And I would repeat, ad nauseum the words "Denny Crane" many, many times that day and evening. 

I would sit riveted to the TV waiting for ANY air time for Denny and Alan together.  And later for any of either of them -- even apart. 

When they went to Nemo Bay, my love and enjoyment of the show went from overdrive into obsession.

I got [ profile] fickleone  and her husband hooked.  I got my mother hooked.  I tried to get my daughter hooked--but she was so used to my single-show TV obsessions and SO TIRED of my Star Trek and Shatner obsession that she would just roll her eyes at me.  Until I got her boyfriend hooked that is--then she got hooked to.

But then BSG and SPN came along and I've only so much physical time and emotionally obsessive energy to spend on TV shows.  And both BSG and SPN totally took over that obsessive energy.  It's not that I didn't still love BL, I did!  I just didn't have enough time.

So just when [ profile] fickleone , my brother, and my daughter were really starting to get into the show and raving about it...I was drifting away.  I TIVO'd all the shows thinking someday I'd catch up.  But early-season 3 is where I stopped.

Last summer our family spent some time in Sunriver and we brought S3 with us and I was able to get through that season.  I did enjoy it.  I did also remember thinking that perhaps I really had moved on from the show because I just didn't feel the same level of love I remembered.  Although I still definitely loved Denny & Alan.

Then the series finale aired not too long ago and across my flist and in RL all I heard was raves about it and the sadness of the show no longer being on.  [ profile] fickleone  keeps telling me she NEEDS me to catch up so she can talk to me about it.

So since I've a little more time on my hands, I decided to try to catch up.  I was going to watch S5 before I realized I hadn't even watched S4 yet!  *MAJOR FAIL!*

So the past 2 weeks I've been going through S4.  I have to confess now that I was a little disappointed (but wait! it gets better).  I still enjoyed it, but during the first 14 episodes of the season I kept thinking how preachy the show had gotten.  It's always been preachy of course--that's part of it's greatness.  But perhaps the preachiness was getting stale?  I thought. 

Side Note:  I do however love having Jerry as a full-time character and I also love the new associate, Jerry's friend Katie.

But I was determined to get through the season.  So today I decided to watch a few more.  I watched episodes 15, Tabloid Nation, and 16 The Mighty Rogues.  

I LOVED Tabloid Nation.  Not so much the cases--but the interactions between Denny, Alan, and Shirley. 

And then The Mighty Rogues hit me like a sledgehammer.  Tears were just STREAMING down my face. 

This.  THIS. 

This was why I'd fallen in love with the show to begin with.  And when The Mighty Rogues ended with this balcony shot, I had to stop for a moment to post my re-love of BL.

OMG when Alan gave his closing argument in Shirley's case I was just totally and completely VERKLEMPT.  And THEN--when they panned to the courtroom and showed Denny watching....  Just.  No.  Words.

So no one tell me anything more.  I'm hoping to at least get through S4 today so I can start S5 soon.

Hmmm...  Just realized (and I HAVE to relate EVERYTHING to SPN after all, or my SAA card will be revoked.) 

I love SPN for many reasons--but, as many others have remarked--the CLINCHER to that love is the Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean.  That's what always got to me with Alan and Denny.  And perhaps I was not-so-much feeling that due to all the noise of the other stuff, other characters, heavy political points, etc. 

After all Nemo Bay was all about the Denny & Alan love.

I haven't yet posted about last night's SPN 4x12.  I did really like it.  More than 4x11.  And there was more brother time.  But they are so much at odds and likely to become more at odds.   It's a little unnerving.  I, like I think most SPN uber-fans, just live and wait for those ultra special, uber brother moments like I just saw at the end of The Mighty Rogues.


Likely I'll be posting again about BL as I go through the rest of S4 and S5.  I want to say something about Shatner along the way too.  But not right now.  I want to get back to it.


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