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Went on a location scout today to find places to take photos.  My friend Rebekah came along.  We went to the SE warehouse district over by Water Avenue and OMSI (near 2nd & Salmon).   I really loved this location on a Sunday.  Lots of close parking.  Lots of wide streets with interesting warehouses.  Not too many people.   Railroad tracks.  I have over 100 good photos from here.  Here are a few samples.

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above :: A great purple door on a warehouse.

above :: Rebekah lives in inner NE Portland and she was already aware and noticed that folks put stickers and other hand drawn "art" on the back of street sides.  I had never noticed before.  Here is one she pointed out.

above / below :: Rebekah loves to knit.  This is a hat she made.   We did not specifically go out to take her photo.  But she volunteered to be my model so I could try out backgrounds.   I shot some with her prior to her putting on the hat, but once she put that hat on, I was inspired and ended up taking a lot of photos of her.

above :: Isn't this great?  This was shot through an large glass warehouse window into an office area.  I was struck by the great old fashion fan, the stacked books and the tulips in the background.  I was not sure it would turn out as the window was highly reflective.  But it worked out great.  I'm very pleased with it.

above :: This was a great location with different textures and colors that matched so well with what Rebekah was wearing.

above :: This was taken at Oaks Park.   Which I guess is basically desserted in February.  It's a locale amusement park that has been in existence in SE Portland since 1905.  I swear you feel the ghosts of the past as you walk around when it's shut down and desserted.  I've never been there before when it's closed.  You can still walk around.  But all the rides and buildings are basically shut down other than the rollar skating rink.   It was a bit spooky actually (in a fun way.)  


I have more photos to go through.  The light was wonderful.  :)



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