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Random post is random.

I've been using my iPod (various models) now since about 2005.  I have about 5,400 songs, a couple of dozen ebooks, several audio books, a dozen podcasts that regularly listen to, hundreds of photos, some various apps, and lord knows what else on my current 16g first-gen iPod Touch.  I could not live without this gadget I swear.  

I have multiple mixes for my various moods (including an SPNMix with variations that include a separate mix for each season!).  But I have one main eclectic mix that contains about 350 songs that I almost never get tired of listening to.  That is until recently, when it seems like I could never find anything to listen to!  It was starting to drive me nuts, I'd be driving in my car constantly pressing the "next" button to try to find something I wasn't completely tired of (even if I did still love it.) 

The last few months I'd find myself repeating, "I really need to find myself some new music."

read on ... music.... ).
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Considered I thought I really knew next to nothing.... I guess my early interest in mythology, history, and Egypt stayed with me a bit.

Your result for The Paganism Test...


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You are interested in Paganism, or at least your knowledge suggests you are. You know the basics, like the fact that Paganism tends to be polytheistic, and that it usually focuses on the four or five elements. Maybe you just don't completely remember which gods are from which mythology. At any rate, keep up the good work, sing to the moon, and maybe you'll become a Pagan-buff! Don't forget to take my two other spiritual tests: Spirit Animal Test Sitakaliism Test, my political test:
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