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Yeah, I've been bitching lately.  Having a pity party a day.  Man I hate being one of those people who are always down.

So I was on iTunes, just browsing...I think because I received an email that HBO shows are now on iTunes.  I stumbled across The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I've seen lots of old TV shows on iTunes and so far haven't yet purchased.  Came real close with The Partridge Family though!

So yesterday I bought the first episode of S1.  Man just *HEARING* that opening music made me smile.  Brought back so many great memories of the 70s (yes, I said the 70s).  I can remember Saturday nights.  MTM, Bob Newhart, The Carol Burnett Show.  The family did NOT miss that line-up.  I can't remember what was between Bob Newhart and Carol Burnett--but it was a great line up.  Boy I wish they'd get Carol Burnett on iTunes--I would so BUY.  Do I remember right that sometime in later years they added MASH to the line-up on Saturday?  I know MASH used to be Tuesdays.  But for some reason I keep thinking it was added to the Saturday lineup. 

I really enjoyed watching the episode too!  Loved see the old 70s decore and clothing.  Loved seeing Lou Grant and Ted and Murray, and Rhoda, and Phyllis!  Remember how Murray used to LOVE Mary?  And Georgette, Ted's girlfriend.  And oh!  Betty White and her hots for Lou!

Then I got the first episode of The Bob Newhart show.  It was like when you used to list to old LPs.  You were so used to hearing the songs back to back that you can't hear song 1 without automatically expecting song 2.  If I watch MTM, Bob Newhart has to follow.  But you know what?  I just found the Bob Newhart show to be lame.  Perhaps it got better later in the seasons. 

So tonight I decided to try another MTM.  I enjoyed this episode even more!  I even laughed (and not at the 70s clothing and mores either!)  Rhoda is really funny.  And Mary just makes you smile.  So now MTM is my recipe for making me smile.

Thanks Mare....

Remember the old lady scrowling in the background as Mary threw her hat in the opening credits!



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