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This meme came to me via [profile] fickleone (her list is here) and [personal profile] mrsr58 (which is here).  And wow it sure takes a long time to put together.  I haven't even looked at theirs yet because I didn't want to be influenced.  Of course, 1 minute after I post this and/or look at theirs I'll think of 3-5 more that I should have included.

I had trouble with this meme.  What makes a man sexy to me is not just his looks.  Yes, sometimes I’m shallow enough that looks is enough.  But if I know something about the individual...for example, that he’s a bit of a idiot or an egotist or something, then despite his looks, he will not be sexy to me.  Also a man who may not be truly sexy in a purely visual way, may be very sexy to me because of his personality or some other aspect. 

I tend to like darker men.  Not so much the blonds, which is why you wouldn’t see Brad Pitt here.  Yes Brad Pitt is drop dead gorgeous in a purely physical sense.  And he may also be a great human being (don’t really know)--but for some reason, although I can “admire” his body (grin), he just doesn’t do it for me. 

However sometimes I break that rule.  Such as with Robert Redford.  Definitely blond.  But Redford has something on top of being physically gorgeous when he was younger.

I’ll admit that sometimes the reason why I find an actor sexy is not so much because of the actor himself--it may sometimes really be the character(s) he plays.  I may find the actor himself to be just okay.

And as for the ranking of these men.  Other than the top 4-5, I could probably reorder these multiple ways and still be satisfied with the results.

Heavy duty picspam is under the cut.


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