Nov. 6th, 2012 09:40 pm
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My immediate and extended family's life is better in all ways, health, insurance, and financially than 4 years ago.  And I'm grateful.  My immediate family has had more employment during these past four years, than in the previous administration.   My mother was able to sell her house after having it on the market for 1 day and at her asking price which was more than she could have gotten 4 years ago.   Our investments have gone up. My mother's investments have recouped a lot of their loses.  My kids are insured.   I'm satisfied.   (Although I am very concerned about the Patriot Act.)

And while I try, try, try so hard to keep politics off my LJ.  I just have to say this  and then will move on.   Healthcare and insurance is a big issue for me.  I don't consider the term "Obamacare" to be a slam - I adopt that term and mean it in a good way.   I want more of that, even if it means more taxes.   There is nothing more important that providing healthcare to *everyone*.  Period.   

And I am also optimistic regarding some pending ballot measures across the country.  Hope they continue to trend the way they are going.

I think destina said it very well:

In a time when the nation is the most divided I've ever seen it, when we squabble angrily over everything it's possible to disagree about and when positions are more and more entrenched, when there's so much more at stake than ever before in terms of the economy and social issues -- in the midst of this, Americans have just re-elected their first African-American president to a second term.


(Sympathies to the other camp; I mean that.)

Very well said.  And my respects to everyone who voted, no matter in which direction.

And now, moving on.  Thank gods for no more campaign spam.





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