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I wasn't sure what I was going to be able to post today since I was getting a little tired and crazy from all the snow. 

But then I remembered one thing that I can always count on to cheer me up...


I love Fanvids.  For me it's the perfect combination of Graphics, Music, and my favorite shows.  I'm constantly blown away by the talent of fans who put these together.

I've included some links to some of my favorite fanvids below.

Here you can find some of my favorite SPN fanvids that I've rec'd in the past.  I have over 300 of these on my harddrive.  Some of which you can't find online any more.   I was feeling a little crazy this afternoon and immediately cheered myself up by watching several of these.  Plus here you can find an SPN 101 entry I wrote up that used fanvids as introductions to the various aspects of the show.

And here are some BSG vids as well.

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I'm cheating a bit as this post was due yesterday.  But I was offine for most of the evening due to a RL event and before I left I hadn't yet thought of what to post.

But since fickleone called me last night with the news of the SPN Con in Vanc BC next August I figured this counts since I learned about it yesterday!

So my Day 2 post is about SPN Cons!  They make me so happy.  And by extension--FANDOM.  I've posted many times before about how much Fandom has come to mean to me--so I won't repeat it again--except to say how happy I am to have found my way into this...

And....YAY---another SPN Con!  In Vanc!!!!!

We need a tour of SPN filming locations...
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Tagged by mrsr58, rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same. 

Day 1--what made me happy today:  Photoshop!!!! (In case you didn't already notice my 22,342 other posts today.)  While the darn thing is not intuitively easy to learn--once you get the hang of it--the THINGS you can DO!  And I found pre-recorded actions today!!!!  I can lose hours and hours and hours and hours using this program.

For example...remember my "Jensen comes to visit" manip? 

under the cut... )

Hmmm... I tag anyone else who hasn't done this yet...


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