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Staying at home with just our immediate family - the four of us.  No stress.  No bother.  We are not doing a turkey and it's so FREEING!  No worrying about the mess or when it's done or if it's overcooked or how I'm going to cook everything else when the darn turkey is taking up the whole oven for ever.  No worrying about the turkey prep mess or the turkey carving or leftover mess.  


We are doing a honey baked ham - which will only take about 20 minutes to slowly heat up.  With all the other traditional fixings.    Mashed potatoes, oven maple glazed yams with maple and caramelized onions.   Apple crisp.   Pumpkin pie.   Homemade stuffing (made on stove top).   Broccoli and asparagus.   

Just finishing watch the Macy's parade.  Santa has arrived.  :)

Apple crisp is baking in the oven.  Pumpkin pie is cooling on the window ledge.   Stuffing sauce is simmering on the stove.  

We have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Overall my immediate and extended families are so much better off than a year ago.   Here's hoping that continues.  And that all of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving are with loved ones, amongst great food and smells and laughter.   

Here's a bit of pretty from Tumblr.  (EDIT:  Lol, I just realized I posted a photo of a bloodied Dean for Thanksgiving and called it "pretty."   Oh, SPN what you've done to me.)

Speaking of Tumblr.  I'm getting a bit addicted.   I've subscribed(?) to several vintage photos and mid-century style blogs (in addition to about 10,000 SPN blogs).  The visual hits are addicting.   (I do have to chuckle when I see SPN folks on Tumblr talk about the building of the SPN fandom community was when Kripke created SPN, Tumblr came along, fans followed each other on Tumblr and started talking, hence SPN fandom.  lol.)




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