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Jensen Ackles and People's Choice Awards both confirm that Supernatural was not invited to the People's Choice Awards ceremony
Saturday, 14 January 2012 08:50

According to an email from the People's Choice Awards that was posted at Winchester Family Business, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were not invited to the awards ceremony because their awards were not going to be shown on air.  They could have attended the ceremony if they wanted to, but they would not be given any screen time.  They would have just basically been there to sit in the audience and watch.  Jensen Ackles confirms this in a video taken by Linz Barker that you can see here.

Huh.   But yet Jared said otherwise to one of the paparazzi at YVR?   I think the confusion there was likely the grey line between being invited vs being on the air.   

Still the point is that the fav drama award was not aired, which seems very lame.   I think I read somewhere that House won in one of the past recent years and they also didn't air the fav drama then either.   Makes you wonder what criteria they use to determine which awards to air.  And whatever that criteria is, a genre TV show on the CW doesn't fit?   (Except tell me WHY Vampire Diaries got to present?)

In other news.... Just found out it might snow late tonight and/or for the next few days.   I guess all that sunny (if cold/windy) weather is no more.  



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