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I really do not remember how I got to this meta.  I'm sure it was linked from someone's LJ.  I have this habit of opening tabs for later reading and before I know it I have 50+ tabs that have been opened over a 3-week period of time and there's no way I can remember how I happened to open any one tab. 

I'm a whore for meta.  (hee!  Side-note:  This is what I love about fandom.  I'm what is known as a "nice girl."  Well behaved, etc.   But in this "world" I can say what I feel and think freely.  Including calling myself a whore.  I like that.)    ahem.  Sorry, now back to my original post..

As I said, I'm a whore for meta.  I just love thinky thoughts about my various shows.  And then when I find a meta on fandom itself, or on culture convergence, or on how media impacts culture or vice versa, or (and this is the best) a meta on slash -- it's like I'm in heaven.

I found Henry Jenkins through fandom, of course, and LJ couple of years ago.  When I followed a link to this:  "Normal Female Interest in Men Bonking" I found myself at a post by Henry and Cynthia Jenkins on gender and sexuality.  And that title?  I mean HOW am I supposed to resist reading something titled like that? 

I found this fascinating.  Especially once you get through the academically-oriented introduction.  You get to a series of quoted excerpts from women about slash.  A lot of the "reasons behind slash" that we've all heard before are covered--but the way they are presented and, to me, the diversity of opinion was very interesting.


(UPDATE!  Found how I got to this.  It was a post by [personal profile] wneleh  here.)

(2nd UPDATE:  Wow.  Just looked at the vid that caused [personal profile] wneleh  to post in the first place.  It's by [personal profile] thingswithwings  and it really is amazing.  Inspired by Jenkin's description of slash as being what happens when you "take away the glass."  See [personal profile] thingswithwings  post with her vid here.   You *really* should watch it to see a great visualization of slashy moments from multiple fandoms.  I hadn't realized how many similar "through the glass" moments there were.  And a lot from my fandoms.  (Very angtsy and painful moments too)


And on a very different topic.  I can't stop staring at this picture of Jared this morning  I know everyone's all ga-ga about *THE* photo of him in the wife beater in front of the car--but it seems so airbrushed to me that it's not that real to me.  This photo however just draws me in.  It's his face (of course the arms and (omg I can't believe I'm about to say this) the arm pits don't hurt either!)  Ahem..... But the look on his face?  I just stare and stare at it.  I blush to say that I'm developing quite a reportoire(sp?)  of daydreams about what his thoughts are behind that expression.


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