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Randomly discovered that the captain of the Uchuck III has written a book, The Uchuck Years: A West Coast Shipping Saga.  In the summer between the 8th & 9th grades my father and I took a trip aboard the Uchuck III through Nootka Sound and spent about 10 days kayaking around the remote islands off the west cost of Vancouver Island, BC.   I canNOT over emphasize how important and memorable this trip was to me.   At one time we did have a few snapshots of the trip, but somehow over the years they have been lost.  :(

But this video below brings back so many memories.  I've sat at the table where the former captain and his wife are eating lunch.  I remember that wood paneling.   And sitting at the stern of the ship as it went through the sound.   *sigh*

People, this area is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.   And spending over a week in a kayak with my father, camping on deserted islands, gathering natural foods for a summer solstice feast.  Just so many memories.   I thought I'd posted about this before, but could only find the following in this photo tribute to my father.

During the summer of my 13th year, my father and I took a 2-week kayaking trip around the NW coast of Vancouver Island.  Around Nootka Sound.  I recently found that the boat that took us to our kayaking departure point is still in business.  It's the Uchuck III.  I cannot tell you how much that boat means to me.  It's now my goal to get back on that boat sometime in the future.

Some day I hope to travel again aboard the Uchuck and perhaps kayak around Nootka Sound as well.

EDIT:  This is a photo taken of my father and I the day we returned from our trip.




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