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2 dead, more shot.  Reports of at least 60 shots.   Perhaps multiple gunmen.  This is nearby our house.   My daughter has good friend on lockdown in mall.  My son's girlfriend's best friend was on 2nd story of Macy's where shooting took place (on 1st floor).  She got out and is ok.  

This is nuts.

active news feed:

People are tweeting from inside mall.

Update:   Looks like just one gunman.  Thank goodness.   Police say gunman is neutralized.   My son and his GF are heading off to pick up her friend that was there.  She walked a mile away from mall and needs to be picked up.

Update 2:  They are taking down the triage tent at the mall.  That's a good sign.

Update 3:  Chiling:

She looked up from the Fabulicious Cupcakes kiosk and her eyes caught the figure walking slowly across the open area near Macy's. The figure, wearing a white mask, raised his arm and shot at a woman nearby as the mall's empty hallways echoed with screams. Pazlenko watched the woman fall.

Then, she recalled, the figure calmly pointed the gun in her direction and shot. 

"He looked straight at me and he aimed but he missed," said Pazlenko, who froze. She couldn't bend down. She couldn't move. "I thought he was going to come into the food court, but he kept going straight, toward J.C. Penney. 

"He kept on shooting and he kept on walking," she said. "He wasn't running. He was walking so slow. He dropped the thing he used to load bullets and he just slowly picked it up and put back in again."



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