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Hmmm...  Warning for not so squeeful (but certainly not active dislike.)

I admit that I enjoyed the intent of the brother moment at the end of the episode.   But I also found myself thinking, "Didn't Dean already say this at the end of Season 5?"

And while I didn't hate the episode, about halfway through I found myself wondering who wrote it.  Wondering if they were new and perhaps unfamiliar with the history of the show and it's characters?   The episode also felt somewhat disjointed to me, couldn't say exactly why though.

And the bar scene fight at the end with the lightning bolts.  I found myself thinking how "Harry Potter" SPN witches have become.  It felt a little over the top to me.  I was happy that they didn't go with the "all witches are bad".  Well, Dean almost did, but at least it was more grey than in the past.

I had a moment where I caught my breath when the boys had their spell induced flashbacks.   I liked that.

And yeah, bad cop is the father of the dead zombie girl in Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.   Is the acting community in Vancouver small enough that a show going through it's 8th season may run out of minor character players?  Perhaps they stopped importing minor character players and are spending their funds on music and special effects?  I approve if they are.  Just a random thought.

I read the spoiler interviews that talked about Sam getting consumption like symptoms and not being totally upfront about it with Dean.  *Sigh*   I will admit to a bit of fatigue with the "boys are hiding stuff from each other" scenarios.   It's ok.   Just a minor sigh really.

Dean seemed a little dense in this episode with him not picking up on stuff.  Like having to be told "they had sex."   (Bad writing???  Not familiar with Dean as a character?)    I did however have the thought that sometimes the most on-the-surface devil-may-care types can be the most traditional or uptight when it comes to ... um ... the fringier side of things.   Dean being shocked about a relationship between a beautiful woman and a man.  Even if the woman was a dog sometimes.   *Cringe* and yeah, I do cringe a bit about some of the choices made in that set up.

I thought the astral travel bit was .. IDK .. bothersome?  I guess I was hoping for something more like what happened when Pamela pulled their spirits out and the boys went walking around.  But perhaps that would take up too much script space and, well, they have done that before.

Like I said, I didn't hate the episode and I guess there had to be more filler type, MOTW, episodes.   IDK.

Overall I'm still way happier than I was in the first 10 episodes.  So all's good.   :)

EDIT:  Oh yeah I forgot.  I had this WTF moment when Sam & Dean entered the witch cop's bedroom and appeared to be about to light the guy on fire.   Did I space out for a few moments and miss the moment in the story where they decided they needed to do that?   Obviously I must have because they decided to.   Perhaps I drifted since a lot of the scenes were, well, not overly engrossing.





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