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Disclosure:  I am VERY tired and on the sad side to begin with as my husband is out of town for about 2 weeks and I'm missing him.  And I'm putting in way to many hours at work.

Random listing of reaction to 8x10:

   - Overall it was a good episode.   I have issues with it.  But it doesn't change the fact that it was a good episode.  I'm emotionally over invested in certain aspects of this show and my trust in those aspects is shaken and it will take a lot to get me past that.

   - I actually liked the bits with Alfie (can't spell the his angel name) and Crowley and Sam & Dean fighting the demons to get to Alfie.  Nice to see S&D fighting together again.   (Although I physically CRINGED at the drawn out torture-yikes!)

   - I very much disliked all the Amelia and Sam bits.   That whole storyline makes no sense to me.  And makes even less sense now.   I was on the verge of fast forwarding through all that - without ever even watching it once.  But I persevered and lasted through it.   (Sam in bed - :)  )    My opinion of Amelia sunk even lower than it previously was when she cheated on her husband.
       - EDIT:  For those who know me and my previous opinion of S6 Soulless!Sam - I *love* Soulless!Sam in comparison to how I feel with the Sam that is in love with Amelia.  I never minded Sam being in love with Jess or being drawn towards Sarah(?) or having feelings towards Madison.   But the Sam that can love Amelia?   Soulless!Sam had more strength of character and appeal.  And this is not Sam HATE - I LOVE Sam.  I dislike this OOC rendition of Sam.

   - I have to admit I was bored with the Dean & Cas bits.   

   - I liked all the bits with Naomi.   

   - I was intrigued by what is happening with Cas.

   - I do NOT understand Sam's thing with Benny.   It's not like Sam hasn't trusted supernatural beings before.  I just DO NOT get it.   Makes no sense.

    - I was sad that Dean cut Benny loose.  Not that I wanted Benny to continue to come between Sam & Dean.  Just that I felt sorry for Benny.  And I am also DREADING the very obvious set up for a future when Dean has to kill Benny or see him being killed because Benny went off the wagon because Dean cut him loose, because Sam insisted.    *whatever*  I hate predictability.

   - Kevin left me meh.  As he always does.  I just don't get why many love him so much.   I don't dislike him.  I just don't care.

  - Overall I am dissatisfied with the resolution of how Sam & Dean got back together.  The the F**k has happened with these two characters.   Again, remember I AM TIRED.   But honestly I am so pissed off at Carver.   I do NOT understand how the writer of Mystery Spot has so messed up this primary relationship.   And I just cannot get past that.   Sure Sam & Dean are back together again.   And they seem to be basically okay and somewhat ... content(?) with the decision.   *eyeroll*   F this.   Sorry (I am tired.)   I'm sure their relationship will likely be built back up again.  And I may end up loving their relationship again.   But it still pisses me off.   It may just be because I am so very tired and bummed right now (outside of SPN) and/or it might be that as I said up top, it will take a lot to get me back to where I was.

  - Despite what I said directly above about my dissatisfaction, when I consider the episode, I still consider it a good one.   

  - I miss the days when I couldn't wait to rewatch an episode.  I'm not sure I've rewatched one episode of S8.    *sigh*

  - I dislike being a debbie downer.    

  - Does it help to say I'm very intrigued by the Naomi storyline?   And I am glad Sam & Dean are back together?   (Despite them seemingly still hating each other or at least not giving a damn about each other.  Resigned is how I read them.  *sigh*)

EDIT:  Oh and I CANNOT WAIT for the next episode.  I'm spoiled and am loving it.   I was also spoiled for this ep and was somewhat dreading it.  So maybe that's also part of it.  But I think I would have felt the same even without being spoiled.   




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