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 I woke up this morning with this song playing in my head.  I had never seen the official music video for it.  Love the music and the video is great as well.  (Below is a screen shot linked to Youtube video because embedding on Youtube is turned off for this video.)


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My daughter Emily just showed me this video.   I literally got thrills while watching it.


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via [ profile] pecos 

still typing with 2 fingers here.

dedicated to the it gets better project

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Random post is random.

I've been using my iPod (various models) now since about 2005.  I have about 5,400 songs, a couple of dozen ebooks, several audio books, a dozen podcasts that regularly listen to, hundreds of photos, some various apps, and lord knows what else on my current 16g first-gen iPod Touch.  I could not live without this gadget I swear.  

I have multiple mixes for my various moods (including an SPNMix with variations that include a separate mix for each season!).  But I have one main eclectic mix that contains about 350 songs that I almost never get tired of listening to.  That is until recently, when it seems like I could never find anything to listen to!  It was starting to drive me nuts, I'd be driving in my car constantly pressing the "next" button to try to find something I wasn't completely tired of (even if I did still love it.) 

The last few months I'd find myself repeating, "I really need to find myself some new music."

read on ... music.... ).
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Oh man.  Bob turned on OPB (PBS) and there's a documentary on John Denver.  Sunshine on my Shoulder, Calypso, it's killing me.   Man oh man do I love listening to John Denver.   I so do not care if that makes me square.  Just his VOICE.   And the words.   And the music.    I grew up listening to him.  I swear Calypso is one of my all time favorite songs in the world given how much I also love Jacques Cousteau. 

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I swear I've fallen in love (all over again) with crooner music.  I recently upgraded to the new iTunes version which has Genius Mixes and decided to try out the Vocal Mix they made from all my music.  I'd forgotten how MUCH of this music I had in my iTunes library. 

I've got Deano, Sinatra, Bennett, Sammy Davis, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Buble, and even showtunes from Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Singing in the Rain, Moulin Rouge, and Phantom of the Opera on this mix. 

I swear I feel so MELLOW.  I've been so enamored of classic rock for the past couple of years (wonder why?) that I just lost track of what a true geek/nerd I am about music of this kind.

When I was a kid I spent HOURS curled up in my favorite armchair, sitting next to our cabinet record player listening to Nat King Cole and others, over and over and over again.

*sighs in contentment*

OMG is there ANYTHING in the world like Nat King Cole singing SMILE????  (Which is the song that just started.)
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Random post. 

I have on my Vocal Mix which includes a random sampling of my collection of Buble, Sinatra, Deano, Bennett, and more.  I haven't listened to this mix in a LONG time.  I have some random selection of these songs in my everyday mix--but they tend to get overwhelmed by the classic rock in that mix.

Yesterday (the day before, can't recall for sure) I bought Michael Buble's new album.  I love Michael's music.  From the very first moment I heard it back in 2003.  The moment was so memorable for me that I can recall it like it was yesterday.  It was a work day and I had just finished taking my morning shower and was in the process of getting dressed for the day.  The radio was on as usual.  I was in the bathroom (attached to the master bedroom) when I heard this SONG.  It was wonderful!  I ran into the bedroom and just stared at the clock radio.  Who WAS that singing?  Where did this song come from?  I started dancing around as I was getting dressed.  I was so disappointed when the DJ did not announce the song name or who was singing.  

The song was Sway from one of Michael's first albums.  The song was replayed the next day and this time I heard the name Michael Buble for the first time.

I immediately went online to Amazon and got the CD. 

I'd been a Sinatra fan forever.  Before Michael I'd listen to my Sinatra CDs over and over.  Michael quickly took that over.  I bought anything he ever did. 

I remember years later after Michael first appeared on Oprah.  All of sudden everyone was taking about this new singer and how great he was.  I was very glad to see more people learning about him.  (Although there was a small part of me that still kinda wanted to keep him to myself ! )

Bob and I went to see Michael perform when he came to Portland.  Loved it!

Just a random post--listening to this vocal mix just has me smiling.  Now I'm listening to Bing Crosby singing You Could be Swinging on a Star.  Before that it was Sinatra singing Summer Wind and Michael singing You Must Have Been Kissing a Fool (which btw is the song used in one of my all time favoriate QAF fanvids.)

 Good morning everyone.

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Lately I seem very drawn to music like Santana's Supernatural album (I bet you can't guess HOW I ended up finding that album?  Huh?)

I have my everyday mix on right now and Primavera by Santana came on.  I wasn't in a bad mood before--more like kinda "blah."  But I found myself smiling and tapping my feet and feeling really good. 

/end random

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Um... WOW?

I don't remember how I first started listening to The Decemberists.  But I really love their music.  And I think they may be natives of the Pacific NW.  I also have it in my head that they are more of my generation despite their music being of the Indie/Alternative variety.

I've been meaning to download and listen to their new album The Hazards of Love.  I knew absolutely nothing about it.  I DL'd it this morning.  I'm listening to it now.  And ... wow.

As soon as Prelude started I had the feeling that this was going to a special album.  Along the lines of Rock concept albums where you needed to listen to the album as a whole rather than just as individual songs. 

I'm four songs in now and with each new song, my eyebrows raise and I repeat. ... wow.
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Moonlight Serenade by The Glenn Miller Band just started on my iPod.

I *swear* there is no other song in the world that just melts my insides to absolute mushy mush of the mushiest sort.

I've loved this song since I was like in 6th grade.  It's on my main playlist, but since I've almost 300 songs on that playlist, it doesn't come up that frequently. 

But when it does I ALWAYS just.  Stop.  Everything. 

And sigh in bliss.


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