Jun. 26th, 2013

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I started reading The Introvert's Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World today.   So far it's a quick, enjoyable read.   Nothing too earth-shattering new to me as I've been reading about introversion for years.   But this --> "research suggests, we’re slow at translating thought to speech. Also at shooting computerized asteroids," offers a new link for me.   One that I do not know if it's just unique-ish to me, or prevalent among introverts; namely that I dislike (bordering on hate) playing video/computer games.  Mostly because those games typically require fast decision to action/reaction.   Drives me bat-shit insane.   This bit in the book discusses theories/research about brain studies related to introversion/extraversion.   Yes, introverts are "deep thinkers", but what I hadn't considered was that the process to translate those thoughts to some external form, especially speech or physical action, is like an extreme switching of gears.  Something that is not innately natural to me and that I've had to train myself to do and which still requires some level of conscious effort to accomplish.   So is therefore draining.

Update:   THIS --> "We know what it feels like to have our energy drained by too much interaction. It feels like my brain is tired, almost like a muscle would be tired. The more depleted my psychic energy is, the slower my thoughts come, the harder it is to speak full sentences or focus on what’s going on around me. My senses become even more sensitive; noise and fuss are more overwhelming. And I become tense, irritated, cranky. That’s when I know I need to stop, sit down, let my brain relax and put up its metaphorical feet."  <-- THIS is me to a T.   My boss is a total extravert.  I sat next to her on a plane on a work trip once.  I attempted to explain to her bits of this.  While she looked confused, she acknowledged verbally that she kinda understood (I knew she really didn't).  And of course, then proceeded to "forget" the conversation.  lol.   But she *does* recognize when I hit this point and insists on sending me home to rest.   I structure my work days (and my non-work days) to accommodate my need to recoup from human interaction.  This is especially needed because my very job is typically *very* human-interactive.  



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