Mar. 20th, 2013

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Photo ops at the conventions are always one of the highlights for me.  James Patrick Stuart was such a nice man both on stage and in person.  I'm glad I got an op with him.

I was lucky enough to be first in line for the Jensen solo photo op because I had to get to the Jared M&G.   When I walked in Jensen was talking with Chris (the photographer) and laughing.  It appeared that Chris may have been showing Jensen something on his phone.   Then Jensen walked over just behind me to take a drink of water.  Jim Beaver and Maddie walked in a side door near Jensen and they greeted each other with hugs.   Maddie waved what looked to me like a brown furry stuffed animal at Jensen, showing him.  I realize now it was the beard disguise she would later wear on stage.   Jensen hugged her as well.  Jensen was in a very good mood smiling and laughing a lot.   I remember his interactions with Jim & Maddie more than I remember my actual photo op with him.  I do remember him saying, "Nice to see you again."  Which is always nice to hear.  :)   I think I was too preoccupied with knowing I had to get to another room for the M&G which was about to start.   Which, really brain?     I have to lol at the actual photo - Jensen has a bit of a deer-in-the-headlights look about him.

Sadly I remember even less about Jared's photo op.  :(  Also being preoccupied with where I had to be next.  Sheesh.  Next time I am so not overbooking myself like that.   I was also towards the front of the Jared op line due to my being in the Jensen M&G.   My op was slightly delayed while some VIPs with special needs had their ops taken.  What I remember most about that is poor Stephanie (event coordinator) sitting right next to me and talking into her ever-present bluetooth to whomever was manning the Jensen M&G room, telling her that she needed to hold starting the Jensen M&G because their were M&G people still waiting on Jared's photo op.    Jared did pull me in for one of his hugs; which is a must-have for me.   :)

At the J2 Op...*thinks* ....   I wanted a photo with the PCA, but unless you either knew it was available or saw someone before you pose with it, you wouldn't necessarily realize it was an option.   I spotted the PCA on the floor near one of Chris' studio lights.  Looked like a woman was standing watch over it.   As I walked up to the Js, I cricked my index finger at the woman watching it; gesturing for her to bring it over.   Jensen was standing behind me at that moment and I heard him say, "Yeah, she (meaning me) knows what's what."  (As in knowing that I wanted a photo with the PCA, I guess.)   Jared made a big deal making sure I had the PCA turned the right way so that the inscription would show.   And that my hand wasn't covering the lettering.   I made a joke about saying, "Hi Mom!  Look at me." (or something similarly lame.)    Then snap went Chris.  The woman came and took back the award and off I went to whatever was next (I don't even remember - likely the J2 panel???? I'm too lazy to go look.)  I don't know if I remember saying this in any other post, but Jared had brought the PCA to his M&G and passed it around so we could hold it.   It's very heavy.   He seemed very invested in being able to share it with the fans.   *hearts him*

I also had a photo op with Rob and Emily.  I didn't buy the jpg for that because I didn't have enough cash on hand at the time.   I have the hard copy of course.   Emily's panel was great.  She really seemed to be one of us.   However, I think she may have been tired by the time her Rob & Emily op came about because she didn't seem overly happy at the moment.  I did tell her she was awesome and she brightened up a bit.   Then after the photo was taken I realized I had basically ignored Rob and turned to him and said, "of course you are awesome too, but whatever..."  *facepalm*   Rob laughed and said, "yeah, whatever".   *more facepalm*  He was totally okay with my lameness and laughed and patted my arm as I left.
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