Mar. 6th, 2013

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So much still to do.   Still have laundry and packing.  But I've finished printing and shopping today.  I'm officially on vacation as of today.  Thank goodness.

My right arm is somewhat better.  Pain flairs then subsides. Up until yesterday I was very good about doing my physical therapy exercises.  But got very busy yesterday so I've been bad about that.  Need to do it today.

On that.   I had been planning on bringing THE BOOK.  You know that gorgeous, wonderful, but HEAVY BOOK.   But since my arm is injured, I've been worried about handling that book plus my camera equipment with a bum right arm and also considering we may or may not have time to return to the room as I'm used to doing between breaks at other cons.

So even though I promised myself I would not.  I did.  I created a few things for signatures.   Had to slam them together over the past two days after work.   I pasted samples below.  Sorry about the watermarks, I'll post non-watermarked versions after the con.   FYI, for our core group, I have copies for you if you want them.  I personally love these.   Much easier than what I've done in the past.   I did a trifold, legal size brochure type layout with three themes:  1) Overall Vegas Con for any and all to sign; 2) A J2 specific one just for the Js; and 3) a karaoke themed one as that event is quickly becoming one of the highlights of these cons for me.

I used my own photos (with the exception of the three individuals I haven't yet seen at a con) and some quotes from past cons and/or interviews.

These are printed on heavy paper.  They are double sided.  And since they are in a brochure layout, they can be folded in a way that will easily store in a plastic sleeve and binder.   And they are lighter weight then when printed on photo paper.   Plus they are 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of the photo versions.   Win-win-win.   I also had a few shrunk down and laminated and these I especially love.  Of course they are more expensive and I only made a few of those.   Even with the overall cheaper cost, the time and production labor (for me) was SO much less as I had Kinkos do it all for me. So much easier and stress free.

The images:

brochure images under here... )

As far as my gear.  Serendipity struck two days ago.  My company accidentally ordered too many rolling laptop carry-on suitcases.   And they just gave me one.   I was thinking of bringing my rolling backpack, but that is rather bulky.  This is more compact and, added bonus, fits my 17" laptop AND all my camera gear very nicely.  Like it was made for my camera gear.  My only complaint is that the bag does not have an outside sleeve type pocket to just stick stuff in without unzipping the main compartments.   My camera gear fits in there in my camera carrying case, which means if I decide the rolling bag is too much to handle at my convention seat (I'm hopefully it will slide under the seat in front of me), then I can still have my normal camera gear back to use.

I had not been planning on bringing my large laptop and just bring my ipad.  However with this bag, I'm reconsidering that.   Although I have a lot of CF cards for my camera, I knew I would likely have to purge images directly off my camera using that little screen - which is hell on my eyes.   With my laptop I can do what I typically do during cons, transfer all the photos to my harddrives over night so I can clear out cards, plus have backups.    Haven't yet made up my mind on the laptop yet.  I'll decide tonight/tomorrow morning for sure.
Now I need to eat my lunch and start some laundry.
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Laundry done.  Packed.   Camera gear inventoried and packed.  

And after everything I said previously, I'm now leaning towards also taking THE BOOK.  Sheesh.   I have this great shoulder bag that it would fit in and since my camera gear and laptop will be in this rolling bag that I don't have to carry AND I need the shoulder bag anyway....   Well, you know.   Plus there are a few folks at Vegas that won't be at the next cons I go to and if I do decide to have folks sign THE BOOK, I don't want to miss out on them.  *headdesk*  Knowing me, I'll take the damn BOOK and then not use it.

If it makes it any better, I'm NOT bringing a con notebook.  Or at least mostly not.  I got this thin plastic book with 12 sleeves that hold 24 images and have some of my favorite photo ops and room for the 4-6 more I will get this time.  It's very slim and light weight.     Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  (For now.)

Oh well, I still have time to come to my senses in the morning.  

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A set of crappy, pixelated iPhone shots of the fold brochures.   I admit I kinda beamed a bit when my daughter paused as I showed them to her saying, "You did those?  Those are really good.  They look like a professional did them."  Usually Emily just rolls her eyes at any SPN related item.

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