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You know what?  I dreamed about the show last night.  It's been awhile since I've done that.   And I thought a lot about it before falling asleep and it was the first thing I thought of this morning.  And those thoughts were not about disappointment or anything.  The thoughts were all about trying to figure it out and what might be coming.  

So yeah, I think Show did good last night.   Given where season 7 ended, it's not like it could truly be a squeeful moment, even with a brother hug.   It's all about setting up the S8 storyline and hooking viewers into wanting to watch more.   And I did see a lot of "I'm interested to see more" in online comments last night.  I also saw a lot of WTF reactions as well.  But that goes along with it.   

And despite the WTF moments, I do think the episode was well put together.  (Although Amelia's initial introduction, I mean, WTF?)

So looking forward to next week.  I haven't watched the promo for 8x02.  Not sure I will.  I may want to be totally in the dark.

Edit:  Additional thought - another thing I did notice last night and has been sitting with me ever since, is how deep the characters (Sam & Dean) both seemed.   They seemed more mature and layered somehow.  Not sure how to explain it.   They were not cookie cutter Sam & Dean - which I think is a good thing.   I'm beginning to think that reading all the teasers over hiatus may have colored my initial reaction too much - since those teasers had me a bit more worried than intrigued (bless Jared, but I need to avoid his teasers).  

Did LJ change their posting screen format?   I'm a bit disoriented here.   No coffee yet.   This post was meant to be Public, but if it wasn't, I'm having trouble seeing the option for Friends Only.  Oh well.  *goes for coffee*

Edit:  Oh wait, found it.  Like I said, no coffee yet.   Have a great day folks!  ;)
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