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warning, not so squeeful reaction coming up....    However I did enjoy the episode, so yeah, contrary.  So perhaps it's better stated that I've very mixed feelings about this episode.

I'm normally very Yay! show.   And this is difficult to articulate - because I still very much love this show.   And love Sam and love Dean.   but I have to admit that my intensity has been undergoing a metamorphosis ever since S6.    Perhaps this will turn into something even *more* than the old intensity.   I'm cautiously optimistic about that.    

However.... here is my initial reaction to the episode...


Dean was hot.

Sam was hot - his hair was gorgeous!    And I mean REALLY gorgeous.

And Benny was hot.  And he was hot with Dean - they definitely have chemistry.  And I'm VERY intrigued by the character of Benny.  And by the purgatory backstory.

But I did NOT like they way they portrayed Sam.  I won't be surprised if they are doing it on purpose.   But right now, I'm just ... not.  And nope, did not like Amelia.  At ALL.  And that is NOT because she's a love interest for Sam.  Just Did. Not. Like.

My first thought at the end of the ep?   "They've truly ruined this show."

HOWEVER, having said that.  The episode was actually good.   It was interesting and I'll keep watching.  And like I said I will not be surprised if the whole OOC Dean & Sam is being done for a reason and something will turn up mid season.  

But right now I'm more interested in Benny than I am in either Dean or Sam <-- and that's the reason for the thought that crossed my head at the end of the episode.   And what makes that even sadder, is I'm not sure I care that much that I'm more intrigued by this new character than I am by the brothers' relationship.  

I mean I love the show and will keep watching and will likely enjoy it.  But the intensity of Sam and Dean - just isn't there right now for me.  And that's sad.     Even if I am very intrigued overall by the episode and what it may bring.  

I do still care about both characters.  And yeah, characters have to evolve and have tension for their to be a story and interest.  But I cannot understand ANY reason why Sam would just give up like that.  Without even trying. I knew all this going in - it was all in the teasers/spoilers leading up to the episode.  I guess I had hoped that it would play out differently on screen than it sounded like in what Jeremy Carver and Jared had been saying.  I guess not.

Still it might change.

And again, I am VERY intrigued by Benny.  I love Ty's portrayal of him.   And so far I'm also very intrigued by the purgatory backstory.  I admit to not being that intrigued by what's happened with Sam over the past year (which also saddens me).    

It's like I'm intrigued by all this newness, while also mourning (maybe prematurely or in error) the passing of the co-dependence I truly loved (even if it it was f'd up.)

Still, it might change.  And I'll definitely be watching.

EDIT:  Adding in a summary I posted on FB as I think this pretty much sums up my mixed reaction to the episode.  

[I am not] necessarily enamored of Kevin. I don't dislike the character but I've never understood what others see in him. I'm very neutral on him. And I still am. However Benny is VERY intriguing to me. I do have other ambivalent feelings about the episode. Overall I'm intrigued, even if I am confounded by Sam and a bit saddened that I don't care more that I'm much more intrigued by this new character than I am about the boys' relationship. It's more a melancholy of missing the co-dependence. But still I'm intrigued and interested by where the season might go.

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