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The other day I posted some fanart from LA Con 2009 photos taken by wolfpup2000.  I had done some more but never got around to posting those.  All of these are LA Con 2009 except the last, which is VanCon 2009.


bigger versions (plus more) under the cut... )
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another photo by [ profile] wolfpup2000 .

original (click to enlarge)

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this LA Con 2009 photo is by KJ@svala.

original (click to enlarge

click to enlarge

I love me some smilin' Jensen.
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I'm never going to get anything done today, am I?  Once I get started on these, I find it hard to stop.  Photo by [ profile] wolfpup2000 .

click to enlarge

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Found this wonderful photo by [ profile] wolfpup2000  of Jensen at LA Con 2009.  Loved his smile and eyes in this!  So I had to open up by sandbox and play some this morning.  [my gods the man is gorgeous]

original (click to enlarge)

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Mar. 4th, 2010 10:39 pm
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Playing in the sandbox again.  From a few of my photos of Jensen at LACon 2009.

The boys

Feb. 14th, 2010 09:20 pm
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A while ago I did some fanart versions of some of my photos from LA Con 2009. 

Today I came across another of the photos from that con and I couldn't resist playing with it.

Here's the original

And the one I did tonight...

click to enlarge

(hmmm.... I may be in the mood to do more.  been awhile since I've felt like it.)

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I played today!

Here are some of my LA Con 2009 photos cleaned up and looking pretty like the boys should.

As much as I loved all the other cons (especially Vancon), really the 2nd LA Con remains my all-time favorite.

Ssshhh! I'm supposed to be Christmas shopping and doing some graphics work for others...but I got lost in J2 land.

Not a bad place to lose yourself in...

(all are clickable to enlarge)

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Decided to resurrect one of my LA Con 2009 photos and apply some of the filtering techniques I've learned recently. Still not as good as those I've done with elsiecat's photos since mine are not as sharp as hers.

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Looks like Creation added Jake Able, and Travis and AJ to the line up for LA in 2010.

*taps her foot waiting to see if they update Vancon 2010*
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....I seriously need to get a job. These here are literally me just dorking around in Photoshop--no point, no target, no end result in mind. Decided to see just how weird I could be. I even called the folder I stored these in "weirdness." Maybe I should have called it "boredom."

These are all from either my LA 2009 or Chicago 2008 photos.

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Got out of my boredom and got into Photoshop.

Played around with some of my LA Con 2009 photos (again).

under the cut... )

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Man, I can see why I lost steam doing that back in April. 

But now I've cleared the books and I can look towards the end of August and the Vanc Con!

Go here to the Master Post to see photos for Aldis, Sam, Julie, Misha, Richard, Malik, Fans and Friends.  The items listed on the master post with "Updated!" next to it are the ones I've updated and/or added.

And as usual, I haven't done anything I told myself I'd do today.  I just wanted to get this DONE.

ETA: Dammit!  I just realized I left out Steve and Jason.  Doggone.  Not done yet. 

ETA2:  Fixed.  Steve and Jason are added.  Done. Done.  Done.  (and done)

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Just posted my LA Con 2009 Aldis Photos here.

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I was a little distracted yesterday when I posted about my updated LA Con Photo Ops.  I forgot to link to the updated post!  Sheessh.  Anyway here's the link to the updated Photo Ops--including the one with Misha.

I'm working on getting the remainder of my LA Con photos posted over the next day or so.  Gotta clear the books for Vanc Con!  For some reason I can't find my photos of Samantha, Aldis, and Julie.  But I'm sure I took some.  I think I must have them filed elsewhere.  So I'll be looking for those as well.  Others that I will be posting soon will include Jason (I have a lot of his concert for some reason), Steve, Richard, and a whole bunch of miscellaneous fan photos (some of those will be friend's locked though).

I just put  up my Malik photos here.

Here's a sample

Plus here's a link to the overall Master Post as well.

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Hey everyone.  I'm playing catch up a bit.  June is a busy month for me due to family celebrations.  I've got several updates I'm behind in and am taking a few minutes to try to catch up a bit.

If anyone is interested, I've updated my SPN LA Con 2009 Photo Op post to include some updated scanned photos as well as the Misha photo op that finally arrived. 

And just cuz....

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Did I miss this before? I don't think I've ever seen this photo before. I was doing a random Jared and Jensen google image search and just happened across this one at this link. Based on the wallpaper, what the boys are wearing, and the headstone--this was taken at the recent 2009 LA Con.

Anyone see any article that went with it?

ETA:  And why the heck is Jared that a nametag?? no one would know who he was without it.  I'm straining my brain trying to figure out why he has it on.  He certainly wasn't wearing it anytime I saw him at LA.

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Re-editted photos from LA Con 2009

SPN LA Con 2009

A few observations...

- Wow editting photos of these boys is certainly NOT a hardship. Man...
- I've always thought that Jensen had the prettiest eyes. Not to take away from Jensen's endowments....but man at least in THESE photos, Jared winds hands down for the prettiest eyes.
- I went back through my photos of the LA Con for 2008. And man did they SUCK! None of them are included here. But one observation. Jared was very pensive during a lot of the Q&A sessions. Compared to LA in 2009 - a world of difference. I think LA 2009 can be called the HAPPY SPN Con!

A lot (!!!) of photos under the cut... )


Apr. 5th, 2009 02:33 pm
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It's an absolutely beautiful day here today.  I sat out in the sun on the back deck for about an hour.  It was wonderful.  I have all the windows open right now--probably the first time since...oh September last year???

I saw two ladybugs sunning themselves on our back deck and it just made me smile!

And, while it overwhelms me a bit as well, I gotta admit I'm a little happy that my J2 Panel photos post hit 3 pages of comments today.  And I've seen some beautiful icons and banners as well.  Some particularly great ones by [ profile] apieceofcake  here.  I'm going to have to pick one and update my LJ layout.  She even made one of my favorite Jensen photo.

And now I'm off to enjoy the sun.

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at the J2 breakfast Jensen smiled to himself when he mentioned tonight's episode.  He said, "You all will like it," smiling to himself.  Then both of them kinda hinted that it's a shout out to those of us fans.  And then they said, don't make Kripke mad.

So I'm very, very curious to see it in ... oh ... 40 minutes...

I don't know whether to cackle in glee or worry a bit...

a comment so mildly spoilery that I'm not even sure it could be called spoilery--but just in case... )

(no spoilers please)

ETA:  Oh god, I'm skimming the flist without clicking on cut entries--sounds like it's a hit.


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