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24 degrees Fahrenheit.


At least it's clear--so no snow/ice. But with the winds the chill factor is like 5 degrees. Double brrr...

Tim couldn't even get his truck engine to turn over this morning. Totally dead.

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We've been told for the last couple of days that a big rain storm was headed our way from the west (aka Hawaii). 

It was supposed to hit yesterday, but got stalled.  But we did get 70+ degree mid-60 degree weather.  It felt very muggy to me.

The rain just hit and wow.  We get "a lot" of rain in the NW corner of Oregon from Fall through Spring.  But it's more a constant or light dizzle.  We joke around here that you are not a true Oregonian if you own an umbrella.  Umbrellas aren't necessary because the rain is so light and if you used one you would be constantly opening and closing it until it got to be more of a major inconvenience than a help.

But this rain?  Wow it just just like BAM!  A torrential downpour. 

It's kinda neat.  Definitely different.  I've got our windows open; because yeah it's still very warm for this time of year--although the rain's cooled it a bit.  So I can really hear the rain.  Reminds me of a recording I have of a tropical rainforest rain and thunderstorm.  I love to listen to that 15-min piece.

Oh!  And LIGHTNING!  Coolness!  I was hoping for that!  Just now as I was typing there was a flash and a BOOM! 

Very cool.

It may be a day for homemade split pea soup.....hmmmm.....


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