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Missyjack posted a rec to this the other day.  The name of the site intrigued me. I mean really, what isn't intriguing about a site called  "Unfuck Your Habitat"?   (And I also love the acronym for the site UFYH.)

The simple foundation for this site is "MAKE YOUR BED!"   Ha!   Weirdly enough this was actually something I was trying to adopt myself starting a few months ago.   Yes, I confess, I'm one of those folks who has trouble thinking about making the bed first thing in the morning because a) I am SO NOT a morning person (historically, that appears to be somewhat changing) and b) by the time I get back from work I'll just mess it up again by getting back inside it and c) no one will be around to see it because we are all at work or at school all day (of course when the bed is not made on the weekends, that logic does not hold up.)    It's not that I never make the bed, but let's just say that it's hit and miss.

But I kept remembering my sainted (not ;P, but much loved) grandmother telling me that she always made her bed because it made such a difference in how her home looked.  And she was not necessarily as neat as a pin overall.   I randomly recalled this a few months ago and thought to give it a try.   So bed was made more often, but still somewhat hit and miss.

It's only been a few days and so habits have not yet formed - but after reading this site I feel more motivated to, as they say, unfuck my space.   ;P    So bed is made each morning as soon as I get out of it.   I've done a few 20/10s (as they call them) and very quickly was able to get the master bath and kitchen under control.   So I'm hopeful.

This is likely triggered by a bit of spring fever.   Which considering our weird-ass weather here (snow today, seriously?) is confused at best.  ;)

Have a great day everyone!


Edit:  Oh and btw?   I used their drain bomb (of vinegar and baking soda) on a bathroom sink the other day - that darn sink had been draining very slowly and I was so not looking forward to pulling out the stopper to investigate and clean out whatever was causing the problem (Ew!!)   It was so satisfying to see the volcano erupt from the sink and within seconds the drain was functioning beautifully.  ;)!!!


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