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Stayed up late last night watching Star Wars IV A New Hope. Been so many years since I've seen it. I'd seen it after it was re-released but that was some time ago. I was impressed at how well the movie has stood the test of time. Enough that I'm going to Netflix all 6 and have some kinda marathon I think. There were a few scenes that definitely had some awkward/cheesy dialogue between Han & Luke--but hey, whadda ya want for 1976(?). And I *really* hate that Lucas felt the need to add a first shot from Greedo--give me break. 

Watching this brought back memories of being in the theatre in '75 or '76 and seeing the Star Wars trailer for the first time.  I can still remember seeing the trailer and the scene where Luke and Leia swing across the open "bridge" by using a rope.  I can remember being so excited to see this.  Then later standing in hours-long lines to see the movie at least six different times.  The party atmosphere with friends and strangers in the lines.  The phenomimum(sp? too lazy to look up) of those lines was so new to everyone.  Folks passing out "May the Force Be With You" buttons.

Then watched Eragon. It was enjoyable.  Dude playing Eragon was cute.  Loved Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich--and the character Durza.

Got a little annoyed at hubby last night--but got over it this morning after (of all things) seeing some great SPN photos I'd never seen before (here). And then waking said hubby up and dragging him out to breakfast and then home for some...umm.. extra activities.


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