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Yippee!!  Last time it was about 5-6 weeks late!  This time either on time or early.  Yay!

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From various f-list posts.

Get all the latest, as Jensen and Jared talk about the new season of Supernatural in exclusive interviews. Find out what Agent Henriksen has to say as we put Charles Malik Whitfield under the spotlight. Plus, we take a sneak peek at what season four has in store! Available in Newsstand and PREVIEWS Exclusive editions!

NOTE: This is a preorder slated to ship in October (subject to change without notice by the publisher). Your credit card will be charged when the item is about to ship to you.
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So my pre-ordered SPN Connections Trading Cards shipped on June 12th and is scheduled for delivery on Friday, June 20th.  I'm tracking it through FedEx and it's currently in KY.  It appears to be making the grand tour of the US.  It's been in 3 states so far. 


I've been spoiled by being a member of Amazon Prime.  I order almost everything through Amazon and I get things either the NEXT day or no more than 1 day later. 

I just want. My. DAMN. CARDS.  *taps foot impatiently*

AND Issue #4 of the SPN Mag still hasn't arrived.  I emailed the company and received this reply on June 6th:

Issue #4 for Supernatural was mailed out later than scheduled therefore you should receive it within the next 7 to 10 business days.
Hmmm.   I know several people that received this in the mail ages ago.  Including [profile] fickleone who only lives about 20 miles from me.

So according to that email I should also get my SPN mag no later than Friday. 

Luckily I have Friday off.  If I go to the mailbox and neither of these items are there--you may hear my scream across the country.

I'm sure growing less patient and tolerant with the years.  But you know what?  I don't care.  I see it as one of the perks of growing old.  You just don't care as much if you're sounding like a b*tch.
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Taken from a recent post by siriuslyyellow.

I'd forgotten about this.  And *YIKES* how am I supposed to choose these.  That's probably why i didn't just do this when I first saw it.  I'll have to keep this posted and edit it over the next few days I guess.

The magazine is having an awards contest. There are 20 categories, and they want you to fill out all of them and then e-mail your answers to The deadline for all entries is April 30, 2008.

I'll come back and update more as I have time and think of things.
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So [profile] fickleone called and left a voicemail that they've added Ash to the guest list for the LA Con!  \O/   Yay!  (Although I'm still greedy--I want TIH and *maybe* either Ellen and/or Bobby--but Ash!  Yeah!  I'll take him too!)

Just received SPN Mag #3 in the mail today.  There's an in-depth interview with Kripke--I may just have Kripke sign that at the LA Con.  There's also one of Fredric Leyne (sp?) -- If I can't find a good photo somewhere--I may have him sign that article as well.

I really enjoyed this issue.


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