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So it's now MARCH! Which means! I can now starting squeeing in advance for the LA Con for Mar 27-29!!!!

Yay!!!! Plus SPN returns from hiatus this month!

Plus as added bonus's it appears that Spring is SPN Con Season Galore...

SPN NJ Convention
Creation Salute to Supernatural
  • We have the SPN NJ Convention this coming weekend. Yes, sadly Jared couldn't make it--but we get to see Misha break his con-going cherry! And perhaps get Tyrannasaurous Prick questions as well *headdesk*. Really Misha? You gotta get to know SPN fans and perhaps think before doing a role like that JUST before your first convention. And isn't Traci Dinwiddle there? Plus JIM!!!! OMG I so want Jim at Vancouver (I'm assuming LA's out of the question now.) And the "I have a coupon" Dracula will be there too.

EyeCon 3 - Florida
  • Then we have EyeCon 3 the weekend of March 20 with Jared! And more!Misha! And JIM!!! And Anna (aka Julie McNiven) who has gotten to kiss Jensen!


SPN LA Con 2009 - March
Creation Salute to Supernatural

  • Then LA Con 2009 the weekend of Mar 27-29! Both boys! more!Misha! (See below for MOAR)

All Hell Breaks Loose - April
Australia - Oz Con

Asylum 3
Birmingham, England - May

  • In May (29th - 31st) we have Asylum 3. With Jensen. and? more!Misha! And young!John & young!Mary! With Malik (who's also at a lot of the other con's listed above with Gabe & Chad and of course one or both of Jason/Steve). And, Fred makes another appearance.

To start my engines revving, I'm kicking off my Getting Ready for LA activities with this post. First thing on the activity list? Hair cut and color scheduled for tomorrow. Gotta give the hair a few weeks to settle down after the cut. In November I made the mistake of getting it cut right before the con. My photos...*shudders*

It was December 21st 2007 when [ profile] fickleone  and I first emailed each other when we heard about an SPN Con in LA in March 2008.  We weren't sure if we were TOO OLD or something to be going to something like this.  We just knew we really, really wanted to go and LA was so CLOSE!  We order Gold tickets on Dec 26 and then on Dec 31 I posted on [ profile] supernatural_tv  asking for information and it was there that we "met" up with [ profile] mrsr58  and the rest is history!

Part of what I posted:  "I certainly don't want to embarrass or creep-out the boys. I already feel strange enough doing something like this "at my age". If I think about it too much it weird's me out a bit that I could be old enough to be their mother and yet I'm a fangirl at heart (hee)." 

And [ profile] mrsr58  responded:  "um,,,don't worry about that whole "age appropriate" know those folks shannenb mentioned, the ones who camped out all night prior to the breakfast? well, they weren't exactly teenieboppers (believe me, i was one of them)..."

more rambling and photos under the cut... )


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