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Videos (my favorite thing)

Note:  I haven't looked at most of these yet--just accumulating for later.  So please watch at your own risk if you are a spoilerphobe.  I'll mark them later if I find spoilers.

From [personal profile] runedgirl  

Jensen asked about Dean Dying at Comic Con 08

then this...Ghostfacers crash Supernatural panel

From [personal profile] babybluesteel  Surprised by where the story is going?

ETA3:  This one has a cool moment in it when the babybluesteel gets Jensen's attention by whispering Jensen.  He looks right at her and does the eyebrow thing!  Cool!

From weirdyweirderton Supernatural Comic Con Panel - Part 1 of 6

From krayzieexinnocence Jensen Ackles at Comic Con 2008!

From airawyn (potential spoiler depending on what you know about casting for S4) Kripke being...well Kripke

More later...I'm not even going to look yet.  I need to READ tonight.  Preferably J2.


Just found this one.  A brief Harry from Ghostfacers sighting.  They're going all out with promoting this.  From thereisnospoon:

So the girls i was with and i were sitting outside in the lobby when who should we see but Ed, Maggie, and Harry of the Ghostfacers! But then Ed disappeared and Harry started screaming "ED! ED, WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!" in a panicked voice and yeah. I caught the end of it when Harry and Maggie rushed back into the exhibition floor to find Ed.

They were being filmed so hopefully whatever they were doing makes it into some Supernatural-related special of some kind. :D


More from thereisnospoon.  Jensen at Comic Con 2008

Sheesh--yes I did say I was going to go read.  But more keep being posted.

From Gonturan74 Supernatural SDCC 2008 Pt 1

From Gonturan74 Supernatural SDCC 2008 Pt 2


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