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I love the headers[ profile] apieceofcake has done for 5x04.

Below are some of my favorites. You can find all of them here.

a few more favorites under the cut... )

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You should go read [ profile] bardicvoice's wonderful meta of 5x04.  Especially the analysis and commentary following her episode summary.  

I kept clipping pieces of her meta to comment on and finally realized that I was clipping so much that I wouldn't be able to include it in a comment. 

Oh!  And I finally added a new icon.  I'm very lazy when it comes to adding new icons and USING different icons.  I've actually collected a decent number of new icons from all the great work out there in LJ-land.  I happened to be looking through [ profile] jenks1983 's graphics on her site (she's done some of the great work for the JIB Con), and one of her Castiel icons from 5x04 really grabbed me.



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I was just reading through the flist and noticed someone did a great icon of the phrase "Okie Dokie."  Which of course, put Nightshifter in mind.  And my first thought was....  Wow, remember how we thought the boys were so screwed at the end of Nightshifter?  And doesn't that level of "screwed" now seem like skinned knees on the playground?

Now I feel like rewatching Nightshifter.

And I may rewatch Croatoan too.  Been meaning to ever since 5x04.

/end random SPN thought

ETA:  5.04 spoilers in comments

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Someone on my flist rec'd [ profile] dotfic 's 5.04 meta this morning.  I don't remember who as I just opened it in a new tab and then went off on errands for the day.  But to whoever it was--thanks!

And everyone else?  Go read it now!


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