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Well--good news is the snafu with Creation has been resolved.  According to their records they have emailed me my invoice and seat assignment.  I didn't get it.  But over the phone I learned I'm in G22.  Of course later they will email me my photops and who knows if I'll actually get them.  But I'm not worried about that because at the LA Con they basically just looked my name up on a list.

On a different note, I guess the spoiler I accidently saw for SPN 3.14 is true.  Today I saw another posting that had the title of SPN 3.4 in it.  That combined with what I read basically tells me I've definitely been spoiled.  dammit.  The title in itself wouldn't have been enough--but the two together are. And it would have been such a cool thing to be surprised by this one.  Oh well.  Hard to believe I used to be a spoiler junky.
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I set up some Google Alerts for Jensen, Jared, and other related searches.  It's been cool to get daily updates on what's happening in Google-land for the Js.

But DAMMIT!  Today one came through and before I realized what I was looking at I think I just read a major spoiler for episode 3.14!!!!!  And if it's true it would be so cool.  But now I won't be surprised.

Dammit.  (I'm hoping it was just a fanfic summary--but from what I quickly saw, I don't think so and I don't want to re-look at it in case there were other details I didn't absorb in the 2 seconds I glanced at it.)


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