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[ profile] wneleh  is going through Season 1 right now.  Because of some observations she made about her recent viewing of Faith I decided to rewatch it this morning.

I knew how Faith, one of my favorite episodes, foreshadowed a lot of the boys evolution.  I just finished watching the scene where Sam tells Dean about how Roy's wife is controlling the reaper.  He's talking about her having to build an alter to control the reaper using darkside magic:

Sam:  To cross a line like that, a preacher's wife.  Black magic. Murder.  Evil.
Dean:  Desperate.  Her husband was dying.  She do anything to save him.  She was using the binding spell to keep the reaper away from Roy.
Sam:  Cheating death.  Literally.

ETA:  I was thinking more about this and flashed to the graveyard scene in 4x15, Death Takes a Holiday:

Dean:  If we fix whatever this is.  All these people are going to start dropping dead.  Good people.
Sam:  Look, I don't want 'em to die either Dean, but there's a natural order.
Dean:  You're kidding right?  I mean you and me.  We're like the poster boys of the unnatural order.  All we do is ditch death.
Sam:  Yeah, but the normal rules don't really apply to us.  Do they?  [oh Sam...]
Dean:  We're no different than anybody else!

...and so on....

/end ETA

back to 1x12...

And I kinda chuckled a short moment later when Dean said, "God save us from half the people who think they are doing God's work."  You know, considering....

And earlier?  When Dean first told Sam they had to stop Roy? 

Sam:  We can't kill Roy.
Dean:  Sam the guy's playing God.  He's deciding who lives and who dies.  That's a monster in my book.
Sam:  No.  We're not going to kill a human being, Dean.  We do that, we're no better than he is.

I swear, I love rewatching old SPN after seeing newer episodes.  I've rewatched Faith xx million times but even now I can pick up on new nuances after seeing recent S4 episodes.

Oh boys...

And one more ETA:  And how is it that Dean is the only person who seems to get a cute chick as a reaper and everyone else gets an italian mobster?

ETA3:  And now I think I have to go rewatch 2x13 Houses of the Holy.  I haven't watched that one very many times because it wasn't on my favs list.  But I can't help but wonder what's lurking in the dialogue there....

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After staring at this photo last night ...

I felt the urge for the sweet, innocent Sam of Season 1.  So I watched Faith before I went to bed last night.

Wow how young were both of them?  And their "problems" were so simple compared with S3 & S4.  I miss that in a way.

Not that I don't love S4, I do. 

Feeling much better btw.

Now I gotta clean the house and go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.  UGH.

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...with my husband, daughter and her boyfriend.  We really liked it.  So I'll be getting the rest of the episodes.

I recognized immediately that Dexter's girlfriend Rita appeared on Supernatural.  It took me a few moments to place her though.  She's Layla from 1x12 Faith, played by Julie Lenz.  It was kinda hard to NOT see her as Layla from that point on.

I remember folks recommending Dexter when it first came out--but somehow I just couldn't see getting into the subject matter.  Plus I didn't have Showtime.  But I had lunch with a coworker on Friday (to whom I gave the SPN S1 DVDs) and she was going on and on about Dexter.

So I watched and I liked.

Another show I guess.

Plus the Dexter dude's from Six Feet Under--I really liked him in that as well.

In other news....

We had a late family get-together for Tim's 15th birthday.  About 2 weeks late.  But Tim enjoyed himself I think---he and his cousins played Rock Band and he took in more cash-as-presents and I think he kind


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