Pirates 3

Aug. 13th, 2007 07:10 pm
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Family went to see Pirates 3 Saturday.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  I had loved the first Pirates (mostly due to Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp).  But the 2nd Pirates felt "rambly" to me.  Overly long.  Plot didn't make that much sense to me.  Great special effects though. 

When  read some fan reviews of Pirates 3, I was afraid I would have the same reaction to that movie.  I was wrong.  Yes it was long.  But it surprised me in a few places.  And it's hard for a movie to surprise me.  I really enjoyed the Calypso & Davy Jones storyline.  And the Will / Davy Jones / Elizabeth story line surprised me.  I will always wish for more Captain Jack.  Perhaps for the 4th (is there a planned 4th movie?) it will be more Jack.  I thought I read somewhere that there would be a 4th movie with mostly just Jack from the "original" cast.

We also saw the newer Fantastic Four movie--it was a double feature at our local theatre.  Didn't really expect to enjoy that one much.  But, again surprised, I did.  I mean it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen--but I enjoyed it.  Perhaps having extremely low expectations helps?

Then last night we had a mini-marathon of Supernatural Season 1!  Wee!  That was fun.  What made it more fun was that we had 2-3 people with us who were either new to Supernatural or had not seen these particular episodes.  That always makes it more fun.  Our 14-year-old neighbor girl (a friend of my 19-year-old daughter) stayed to watch it--and she really liked it!  We're watching all the Supernatural episodes in order for the benefit of my daughter's boyfriend.   So last night we watched Asylum, Scarecrow, and Faith.


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