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This is the first time I've done anything like this. And I feel I've just barely done anything to try this...but here goes!

the ♥ fanart love ♥ meme

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I'll join in. As seen here, the 30th Days of December Meme...

Day 1 :: Your Favorite Song

Huh--not many people seem to be limiting themselves to 1 song... so I'll join that list. I've lots of "favorite" songs, but I just took a gander at the playcounts on my iTunes and I picked out these:

Guitar Etude #3 by Dan Fogelberg. I've been listening to this song since 1988. This YouTube link does not do it justice, but I didn't have an unprotected version to share. ETA: Here's a link to a slightly better sounding version of this.

Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller. This song always causes me to pause and sigh in contentment.

And a more recent new favorite - Allegro by Bear McCreary from the Battlestar Galactica S2 soundtrack. I LOVE this piece.

Huh, all three of those are instrumental pieces.

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I swear I LOVE fandom sometimes (a lot actually).

Someone came up with the idea for a meme based on 5x08.  The "Kripke Started It. Changing Channels Free for All Meme."

Omg.  I've just been over there and only got through the first page of several pages of comments and entries.  I love the idea of fans running away with Sam & Dean and placing them in their favorite TV shows.  Project Runway was one I just finished reading.  And then of course their's trolley's entry of Sam & Dean in The Big Bang Theory.  And there's Sam & Dean meeting Sponge Bob Squarepants!

I love the creativity and glee (and yes there's a Glee entry to btw) of fandom.


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Found via nilchance, a book meme - Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.

I did a few more than 15. I could not whittle the list down. Plus this was very interesting as I thought to go check my buying history on Amazon. It goes back to 1999! It was really interesting to see the phases of interests I went through. Some very interesting, some very embarrassing!

My list of books - In no order of importance - just as I thought of them.

under the cut (images and text) )

ETA: Guys? Based on this list of books there's NO reason in the world why I would be in love with SHOW, right? *sarcasm*   I'm still surprising myself by all this recall of my early interests in life.  How the heck did I lose track of all that? 

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Found via [ profile] raloria .  This is so weirdly ACCURATE for such a short quiz!

You Are a Lynx
You are a quiet observer of the world around you. Your wisdom comes from listening carefully.
You've always been extra sensitive and aware. And it's made it difficult for you to fit in.

You see past people's outward personas. You are able to penetrate a stranger's soul.
What you've learned about people is both beautiful and ugly. And you keep these secrets to yourself.


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