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A week ago I was in a class at work.  The warm-up introductions were for us to introduce ourselves and tell everyone what our ideal job would be.

I said my "default" perfect job would be to run a bed and breakfast in someplace like Ashland, Oregon (which runs a Shakespeare Festival which I'm addicted to) or Sitka (an art-based community on the Oregon Coast.)

HOWEVER--I told everyone that for the past 2 years and for the next 1-2 years, my ideal job would be to be a PA on the set of a little known TV show.  One that most people have never heard of.  Of course, I got the "which show is that?" question.  And of course all the huh? and blank looks when I told them the show's name and more blank looks when I said it's on The CW.

But today I had someone come up to me a work.  She'd been in the class.  She started asking questions about Show.  I explained a little about it and mentioned I have DVDs if she's interested.  Unfortunately I was running late to a meeting so I couldn't go in for the kill and get her to borrow my DVDs.  But perhaps she'll think about.  I think she was intrigued by the fact that a stable, responsible, rather straight-laced (hee--little does she know!) professional woman spends money on traveling to conventions that cover ONLY this show.
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No Words.

UPDATE:  Here's a post where I got the image.
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[personal profile] dreamlittleyo posted a question here about a clock that she noticed in many SPN episodes (see screen cap below).  I had noticed the clock at least once.  But hadn't really noticed it recurring.  In the comments on her post [personal profile] delphinapterus replied:

"It's head set designer George Neuman's personal signature. Unlike a conventional artist who can actually sign things Neuman has to rely on a subtle visual clue which is why he likes to put in the clock as his signature on the Supernatural motel rooms.

How terrific is this?  Now I want to replay every episode and play the game called "find the clock."


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