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[This post has nothing to do with fandom. It's a "soapbox" post--more for myself than anyone else. I'm leaving comments on just in case anyone wants to have discussion around this. But there are no expectations or demands on my flist about this. I'll be placing most content on these posts under lj-cuts so they can be easily bypassed. And when I get my non-LJ blog set up, I'll move future detailed posts to there and only link to them from here.]

American Health Care Reform

I'm very interested in the debate and discussions going around about America's health care system. I worked in the health insurance business for 20+ years. Mostly as an IT geek. And now I'm very embarrassed to say that I know little to nothing about what Obama is proposing and what the pros and cons are of his (and others) plans and options.

I SHOULD know this. And not just because I've spent so many years working in the health insurance industry. But because I'm an American and a human being who is impacted by this. And because I should care about how my family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens are impacted by this.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I hide my head in the sand when heated discussions of this nature crop up. In the past I've viewed them as non-winnable by any side, so therefore any energy spent in debate and argument is not worthwhile.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

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