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Day 4 :: Following impulses...
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This morning before work, I randomly clicked on recent post by an artist that I follow on LJ.  I find her inspiring.  However, I don't tend to open her posts very often.  Because she is so dedicated to her art that it makes me feel sometimes like I'm a slacker (which I am of course, but that doesn't mean I wanted to be reminded of it!)


She had linked to two other sites.  One of a 17-year-old Norwegian girl (thanks [ profile] bflyw  !) who drew this amazing comic strip of a young girl who ... well ... go here to see for yourself.   The strip made me both smile and also threatened to bring on tears for me.

She also linked to a blog entry by Roger Ebert who wrote about his love for drawing.  Go here to read.  I loved the whole article.  But this excerpt reminded me of myself.
"I began to haunt art supply stores, as if somehow one could purchase what one needed to be an artist. I loved the smell of the paints and papers, the chalks and wooden easels."
Ebert wrote about drawing...just drawing.  Whenever.   Without self criticism.   Made me want to stay home and break out my pencils.   I had thought to try to remember to doodle sometime during my work day.  But, alas, I get so absorbed at work that I didn't even remember.  

Ebert mentioned his friend advising him to draw in pen.   So I snapped a sketch I did a few weeks ago.  I had an impulse to draw from a screen shot I had.  I couldn't find my pencils.  All I had handy were my ink pens.   So I drew this in ink in about 30ish mins.  

So today I am grateful for following the impulse that lead me to those two items on being an artist.   And I'm grateful for when I can remember to draw...just for the sake of drawing....

Oh...and added bonus.... I was getting into my shiney rental this morning,
I looked up. 
Man I so love the trees surrounding our house.

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Day 2 :: Sweet Ride
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So it's kinda maroon, not purple.  But I am so enjoying this rental.  Who knew that car trouble could result in such pleasure.

....added media center playing "Ice Cream" by Sarah M. off of my iPod.

(posting out of order..but while I can take photos and notice gratefulness on a daily basis...posting photos takes a bit more work)



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