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Too busy to re-type/re-summarize, so I'm just copying what I posted on FB:

SO DAMN BUSY. *deep breath* Here's a cute fan-folksong/vid about Game of Thrones. Found it linked somewhere [missyjack] last night and it gave me a nice moment of "oh hell yeah" with chuckles.

Stayed with Mom again last night. She is doing SO much better, but will still need someone with her for a while longer (not yet sure how long) so we are all still doing shifts to have 24x7 coverage.

My project work life is abundantly overflowing (see the positive spin on that, huh?) Both kids have now GRADUATED (Yay Tim and Emily!) All celebratory graduation events are done. We have another birthday tomorrow (yay, Emily) and Emily has also finished her last board exam today (again, YAY, Emily!)

I have a 3-day class starting Monday. Am working some over the weekend otherwise my work life will be overly chaotic when I return next Thursday.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Honestly I am LIVING by my calendar and taking things a moment at a time. Waiting for July.

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Been VERY busy.   Almost through all the graduation events.   Mom is recovering from her fall.  The family is taking shifts on a 24x7 schedule to stay with her while she is healing.

Emily's college graduation is later today.   Can't believe both our kids have graduated.   *beams*

I have a photography class coming up next Mon-Weds.  Looking forward to it.  It's photoshop-centric.   

Been VERY busy at work.  Keep getting new projects assigned.  While I'm flattered our department head only wants me on some of these big projects, I'm concerned about the volume of work.  

Hopefully after next weekend (not this coming, but the one after), things will move back to normal.

Meanwhile I've been taking loads of photos - but have had no time or energy to do anything with them.   Here is one from some shooting I did up at Crown Point in the Columbia River Gorge on the evening of Emily's college award ceremony - which, btw, she won most outstanding restorative student!    

I've so many great photos from the past 3 weeks, I can't wait to get the time to do something with them.


Edit: Went and grabbed one from the Crown Point shoot - this one is of Mt Hood. Taken from our car as we were moving. Hence the ghost outlines in the image.


Edit:  Okay one more

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I may actually do something for Halloween after all.  My daughter wants to carve pumpkins and bake all day.  Don't know if we can find pumpkins still available on Halloween or not plus we've NOTHING in the kitchen--so I guess it's grocery shopping. 

But we'll see.

Plus--go here to see a great SPN Monster Mash up!


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I watched two SPN S2 shows.  Let me think.  What the heck were they.... O yeah....   Bloodlust and Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (that last one was hard to type).  I hadn't seen CSPwDT for a long time.  I loved rewatching it.  Bloodlust I've watched several times--still good though.

Man my vision is blurred.

I may just delete this in the morning.
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I very rarely get drunk.  Watching fireworks like this is very weird.  Typing is very weird.  I usually can't get very drunk cuz my body just goes to sleep.  But tonight it didn't.  Everything feels very--weird.  My fingers are numb.

Happy 4th everyone.


Jul. 4th, 2008 11:55 am
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Mr. GYW and I thought it was going to be a very quiet 4th for us.  Our daughter was going to go to a 4th party with her boyfriend. 

Our neighborhood is on a dead-end and every year the families that are here all get together out in front of our house (at the dead-end) and we all set off fireworks together.  A lot of times [profile] fickleone and her family (my brother's family) would join us and sometimes my mother as well.

Well [profile] fickleone's on the way to spend the 4th with her sister and my mother is recovering from some surgery and Em and Alex weren't going to be here. 

But now we have Em, Alex and Tim.  Should be fun.


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