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SPN owns my fangirl heart and is my uber-obssession.  Because of this I would choose to watch an SPN episode over a BSG episode if they aired at the same time.

However, after watching last night's BSG episode I just have to reaffirm something I've said in the past about BSG.

It is absolutely, without question, the BEST damn TV show in the universe.  I've said it before and I'm going to be a broken record here--but it is Shakespearean and Operatic in it's story, it's execution, it's music, it's acting, it's special effects.  It touches the human soul.  It's not afraid to expose the rawness of being human.  It is tragic and uplifting at the same time.

I've given BSG to friends and family who either do not like or HATE SciFi and every single one of them falls absolutely under it's spell.

Before SPN took over my brain I used to listen to multiple podcasts about BSG, including RDM's (BSGs creator).  I should never have stopped. 

As I told [ profile] fickleone  the other day, the weird-ass LONG hiatus' for BSG (sometimes as long as a YEAR for frak's sake) made keeping a BSG obsession alive difficult.  As far as I'm concerned such long hiatus' would have KILLED any other show. 

But not this one. 

BSG seasons are almost like feature movies.  One's where you gladly wait a year or two in between to get the next installment.

When S4 is finally over, I'm going to rewatch the whole series back-to-back.

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Um. Wow?

That was amazing.

BSG certainly did not disappoint tonight.


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