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My daughter told me that the same guy who played Gerry (the Irish husband) in PS I Love You, played the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. 

I was amazed.  Never would have guessed it.

So I asked her to lend me her Phantom DVD last night.  Her boyfriend was over and he'd never seen it (and thought we were referring to the old 1930ish B&W movie version).  So we talked him into watching it on our big screen.  Hubby joined us.

Boyfriend agreed as long as he could use his laptop at the same time. 

The movie starts in B&W in about 1912 with aged main characters revisiting the Opera House and attending a auction.  Not overly impressive or attention grabbing--so of course boyfriend spent most of his time looking at his laptop. 

Then they unveil the chandelier and the music starts.  This rich, intense, loud, marvelously deep and emotional music.  The chandelier starts to be raised and the Opera House morphs into the 1850ish version and the main story starts. 

I looked over at boyfriend when the music first hit.  His eyes were glued to the screen, wide and his mouth was open.  Like he didn't really expect anything like that (who would).

Halfway through the movie the laptop was put away.

Man I'd forgotten how terrific the story and this movie was.  I went to bed humming the songs and thinking of the Phantom. 

Boyfriend said the Phantom "kicked ass" and he loved the three-way love triangle and they way the movie ended.

Hubby and I enjoyed ourselves in bed that evening!  (TMI, I know.)

Gerard Butler is so good!  (In so many ways.)  Now I want to see everything he's every been in.

Plus we now want to show boyfriend that other great Andrew Lloyd Webber show--Jesus Christ Superstar.


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