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I watched the first 3/4 of PS I Love You, then SPN 3x15 and then the rest of PS I Love You.

I had no high expectations for PS I Love You.  I just knew that folks loved JDM in it.  So I actually enjoyed and liked the movie!  I really like Kathy Bates in it  And James Marsters and Hillary Swank and her girlfriends.  And I loved Jerry!  (Who wouldn't love him?)

And JDM?  OMG.  I really liked JDM as John Winchester--but that was the first time I'd ever seen or heard of JDM.  I wasn't watching Grey's at the time.  The only reason I decided to watch Grey's was because of JDM and how much everyone said they LOVED him in it.  And man, when I met the character of Denny?  Again, who wouldn't love him?

But as John Winchester?  I love the character--but never totally went to the gah-gah OMG hot land with JDM as John.

But JDM in PS I Love You?  I'm back to Denny-type love.  All I could think about was gah-gah hot and man I LOVE JDM!

And his ass?  OMG.

(So now I'm actually glad I accidently pressed BUY rather than RENT.)

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P.S. I Love You is on iTunes (link).

Yay!  Although I've heard that it's not a terrific movie, I've also heard that JDM is great!  So this is definitely something I'll be renting through iTunes this weekend.  Glad it's not only for sale--but I wouldn't buy it from iTunes.  I don't buy a lot of movies any more through iTunes because I can afford to waste storage space on so many movies I may never watch again.

Update:  Dammit I can't win sometimes.  In the process of clicking on "RENT" button, iTunes popped up a new Terms of Service Agreement.  So I clicked the appropriate button and then it asked me to "try my purchase again."  Without thinking I clicked the "BUY" button rather than the "RENT" button.  Because I had already entered my password, iTunes merrily purchased my new movie.  Dammit  I didn't *want* to buy it.  I wanted to RENT it.  So I paid $10 more than I wanted to and now I either store the movie and take up space or delete the movie when I'm done and feel like I threw away $10.  Grrr.  Oh well.  *shrugs it off*


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