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This is going to be rambly folks...

I don't know folks.  Just do not know.  *sigh*

Gotta be honest, about halfway through watching, I fast forwarded a bit as I was a bit bored.  (This was when Dean & Benny were entering the house looking for the other vamp.  All I could think of was time past when it would have been Sam with Dean.)    

It's the mid season hiatus, and I was bored.  

After the initial set up of the whole situation, it seemed so...predictable.  Even the ending.  

The only specific thing I was ... surprised (too strong a word).... at was the fact that Dean was responsible for the Amelia text to Sam.  I figured it was fake from the get-go.  I hadn't thought of Dean.   But I did figure there was going to be some level of ... misunderstanding/something... that would get one (or both) of them angry at the other.   *sigh*

I can't help it, I watch this show because of Sam & Dean.  Together.   I have almost always been bored in episodes where they are either not together *OR* not tearing themselves apart *because* they are not together.  

I like the character of Benny.  I like the character of Cas.   I've even come to like Garth (after his last episode).   (Kevin I still go "meh" over.)  But even with liking those characters I still get bored without the focus and/or pairing of Sam & Dean.  Together.   And all about each other.  For me, this is a show about the brothers.  And it always will be.  

Everything else is window dressing.  The MOTW.  The season myth-arcs.   The other characters.  Everything.

Sorry, I guess I'm addicted to the co-dependency.   

There were some bits I liked - I thought Ty did wonderfully in the scene with his great(?) grand daughter at the end with Martin.   And the fact that I felt more for this new character than I did for most of the brother storyline.  *sigh*   

I'll also admit I did feel sorry for Sam when he saw Don & Amelia.   But I was very not happy at the scene where Sam told Amelia that he felt their relationship was "right".   *sigh*   

I will also say that all the actors did a great job.  All of them.  The guy playing Martin did great (even if I did end up kinda hating the character - but not because the character was boring or useless or not well acted - just because - well for obvious reasons.)

And I liked the character of Don - reasonable guy.   

I just do not like this season's "myth-arc" (if you can call it that) either for what it appears to be or for the level of predictability within individual episodes.   Perhaps (hopefully) I will be surprised with the overall season resolution to it all.  I hope so.

Also, I've read two reactions so far, and the reactions are angry at Sam.  Not that I don't understand that.  Mostly I'm just sad and discouraged and perhaps annoyed at TPTB for what appears to be a perhaps permanently changed brother dynamic.  *sigh*  I also wished I cared a little more about that.   

Although upon some reflection I wonder if my "not caring" may be an internal defensive reaction.   But I am becoming aware of similar angry at Sam feelings.  And I love Sam and refuse to feel that way about him.

I wish I could say that this is "all me", but I see similar things mentioned across this fandom.   I'm normally a hopeful person, but sometimes it's hard.  

On the potential good news front, it is not totally unheard of me appreciating episodes more after some distance and rewatching.  Perhaps.

However, I'm so tired of the divisive state of fandom and after this ep, I'm sure it's going to continue.  *sigh*

I so hope there will be some level of satisfying resolution to all this before the end of the season.

This hiatus is gonna be hell.
(After thought.  After saying all that above, I'm becoming aware of feelings regarding the brothers.  Invoked by this episode (and the season up until now.)   Decent chance I'm right where the writers want me to be at this point.  Doesn't make me happy however.)

Edit:  Oh and I have to add, I do appreciate that characters have to grow and these guys are now in their 30s (or older depending on whether you count hell and purgatory years).  And they've been through, well, hell.   And the character grow in S8 seems reasonable and ... appropriate.   But perhaps that's just not what grabs me.   Maturity and reasonable, non-co-dependency ... *sigh* .... Like I've said.  I don't know.   Again, maybe, perhaps, even likely, I'm right where the writers want me.   Again.  Not happy about it.


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