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After I posted last night about how I might be turning into Fritz from The Real Ghostbusters, I immediately thought, "Just watch, something will happen to change this right after I post this."  And then I saw the promo for next episode and hope began to emerge.   And then this morning I read a comment that builds on that hope.

In one of my posts of last night I said, "Perhaps that was his way of dealing - to not express emotion. To be shut down."

[ profile] ladykorana replied:

I was in Jared's private meet and greet this past weekend at Chicon and the answer to this is an unqualified yes.

That basically Sam's mind works in a logical manner, with hypothesis/experiment/conclusion. And that all Sam's experiences have led him to the conclusion that he will always lose the people he cares about. Everything he does will always go wrong in the end. That bringing people back from the dead or another dimension has negative consequences, sometimes on a global scale. Sam was terrified of accidentally starting another disaster by looking for Dean (and to a lesser extent Kevin).

And even once Dean is back, Sam has already come to the conclusion that he will lose him again. Jared is portraying Sam as deliberately emotionally detached, pulling back to protect himself against the loss that is to come. And Jared's drawing from how he reacted from events in his own life, like the impending loss of his dog Harley before they had to put him down, and how he detached himself then to brace himself for pain, and it didn't mean he loved the dog any less.

I wanted to share this because while I've heard Jared say something similar in one or more of his recent interviews, there's something either about the way this is phrased or perhaps just in the timing of hearing it after this episode, that *clicks* for me right now.   Perhaps it's also seeing the snippet teaser for the next episode that also helps.   I've been feeling disconnected from Sam and Dean because they are disconnected.  But not because there's nothing there any more, but because they think they are protecting themselves and perhaps each other from their fear (Sam-re losing his brother again) and their anger (Dean re feeling betrayed/hurt that Sam did not look for him).   

All of a sudden I want to see more.


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