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Holy moly.  I noticed this morning that one of my Misha photos from Vancon 2012 on Flickr got almost 900 views just today.  I was all, what???!!!  So I googled the photo and found this Tumblr post made 5 days ago with over 17,000 notes.   Sheesh.  I'm a bit flabbergasted honestly.  How is that going to generate 17,000 notes in 5 days?   I love how it's "strange photos of Misha."  :)

Update:  Okay, I found this via someone who just reblogged it 5 days ago.  The original post was made on 4/24, so that was 17 days ago.  That makes a little more sense.  But still.

Update 2:  I swear, Tumblr is so confusing.   Now I'm seeing the orignal post was actually made in October 2012.   So, many months ago.  Still making more sense.  I guess.

Update 3:  And the orignal post has a link back to the one photo I noticed had almost 900 views today.   And that one photo itself has over 15,000 views on my Flickr.  I had never noticed that before (see below).   I saw yesterday that my Flickr site had just crossed over 100,000 photo views.


This is the one photo with the 15,422 views:

A screenshot below of the last photo in the original Tumblr post.


Update 4:   For posterity (whatever), a screen shot of the last 28 days of viewing on my Flickr for that photo.  I which Flickr would provide stat detail further back than 28 days.



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Via Tumblr:


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I just posted the February Tumblr Roundup over on [ profile] spnroundtable.

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Speaking of Tumblr.  I found this image on Tumblr today.


I'm not asking about the photo composite aspect of this.  But rather the "vellum" looking finish on the whole thing.  Especially discernable on John's journal.    I don't think my eyes are deceiving me.  They might be as they are getting old and persnickety.   I did a quick Google but wasn't able to find something quickly.   

Anyone who loves to play in Photoshop - any ideas?  Perhaps a fog filter tinted a bit?   I haven't tried to play around yet.   This image keeps grabbing me every time I see it.


My Tumblr

Feb. 10th, 2013 09:42 pm
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I've been working hours today just cleaning up and organizing my Tumblr page.   I'm pretty happy with it now.  ;P


A summary of what I've done:

  ::  I added a Search box so that my Tumblr can be searched for specific tags.  

  ::  I tweaked the formatting a bit.  Mostly fonts, line spacing stuff.  Plus I fixed a few minor errors that were there.

  ::  Added links to My Lj (here), My Flickr, a link to filter my Tumblr for only SPN related items, a link to my PhotoBlog Tumblr account, and to my Tumblr Archive.  I'd never seen the Tumblr archive before.   I think it's cool looking.

what the Tumblr archive looks like... )

  ::  Cleaned up the way the individual posts (permalink pages) are displayed.  Including displaying tags and enlarging the font just a tad so my sorry old eyes can actually read it.

What an individual post looks like…. )

  ::  And the majority of the time was spent cleaning up all my tags so I could filter better.  Then I created a Tag Cloud page (I feel so damn accomplished, lol.) (Note to self:  I used Post Theory's Tag Cloud generator.)  What this means is that anyone can now filter my Tumblr for things such as:  my SPN con photos (that I've posted on Tumbr of course), anything to do about an SPN episode, for specific episodes like 8x12, or perhaps for fanart.

Like I said, I feel so damn accomplished.  Of course, I lost practically a whole day doing this.  Whatever.


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Love this.


source:  x

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Have we ever seen this before?   

Just found on Tumblr via repimg

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I love how someone else can see some potential in a photo I've taken that I didn't see myself.   

Just saw this making the rounds on Tumblr.

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I probably have, but it's from one of the very early season photoshoots.   Came across it on Tumblr this morning.  Very striking.


source:  x   <--- for the full glory of this image, you should probably check it out from the source.  "x" marks the spot.

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Was looking through Tumblr for episode reactions.  Never done that before.  Not exactly sure what I should expect to see.  Definitely see conversation.  Somehow I expected more.   What I'm seeing are variations on things I felt.  LJ, unfortunately, is way too quiet on the episode (as is typical these days).

But came across this image and had to post because it just cheered me up from RL stuff.   Maybe the blackberry was a promise of summer?  Don't know.  But I just stared at it and smiled.



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I was asked by ash48 if I wanted to do a monthly Tumblr roundup over at spnroundtable.   It sounded like fun.  I was amused to notice that once I got to the point of actually *posting* the entry, I found I was nervous about doing so!   lol.   Once I jumped (posted) though, I felt better.

If you are interested here is my first post over there.


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I just came across this on Tumblr.  I googled looking for the interview and found this much longer version on a 2011 Wordpress blog, but so far have not found the source of the interview.   Has anyone read this before and/or know where it's from?   It's not totally unknown for someone to write a fanficcy version of an interview.

Interviewer: Favorite music?

  • Jensen: Garth Brooks. Best concert of my life. My dad, brother and I went. Never forget it. I own every single one of that guy's albums. Um, I love the king of pop, r.i.p. Marc Broussard, Marty Robbins, Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  • Jared: And country.
  • Jensen: Yes, country.
  • Jared: I like country, but Jensen loves country.
  • Jensen: Yeah.
  • Jared: There nothing like being woken up in your trailer at four o’clock in the morning to Taylor Swift blasting from the trailer next to yours.
  • Jensen: Whatever.
  • Jared: What? You love Taylor Swift!
  • Jensen: I know I do.
  • Jared: You seriously just admitted that in public. And here I was calling you a manly-man earlier.
  • Jensen: She’s a good little songwriter!
  • Jared: Um, I’ve really been getting back into Pearl Jam lately. I’ve been on an everything Pearl Jam kick.
  • Jensen: Yeah. Cause there’s nothing like waking up to ‘Jeremy’ blasting from the trailer next to yours at four o’clock in the morning for the like, thousandth time.
  • Jared: Hey! Jeremy is a good, complicated, emotional song! It helps me get in Sam's head.
  • Jensen: And it helps Dean get closer with a gun.
  • Jared: But no, I like country. And I actually think I like classic rock more than he does. I’m more of the Dean in the music world and Jensen listens to .. Taylor Swift.
  • Jensen: Let it go, man.
  • Jared: Even Sam would never admit it if he listened to Taylor Swift.
  • Jensen: Sam has no soul!
  • Jared: Dude, trust me, it doesn’t matter.
Update:  I just skimmed through the longer version I linked to above.   I remember reading the bit below somewhere else and at the time I also seem to recall there were some folks questioning whether this was real or made up.  My memory wants to say the consensus was made up.   So this might not be a real interview - especially since I can't seem to find it online any where with an official source.  I guess it's possible it was in print or video only.   But the below especially reads a bit like fanfic.

Interviewer: In real life: Friendship or Brothers??

Jensen: That’s almost impossible to explain. Nine months a year we’re stuck with each other literally twenty four hours a day seven days a week because we’re working on the show. Even doing stuff for ourselves in between isn’t possible. We’re constantly together. And even when we’re not actually working together during that nine months, or the other three months out of the year for that matter, we always find ourselves choosing to hang out and be together.
Jared: We even lived with each other!
Jensen: We did.
Jared: We were in each other’s weddings!
Jensen: We were.
Jared: And when we leave Canada for break we’re combining our family’s to do Christmas together in Texas this year!
Jensen: We will. But what I’m saying is, if you compare our relationship with Dean and Sam’s relationship on the show, there is a huge difference. Jared never drives me up the wall.
Jared: I wouldn’t say never.


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Just found this on Tumblr.  This vid is awesome.  J2 at their finest.

(additional side note:  uses several of my con photos.  but it's the overall J2 goodness that is the awesome part.)


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(from all over Tumblr)

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experiment to see if the gif versions work.   if you click on the small "x" just above and go to the original Tumblr post, then click on each image, you can see the larger versions of these.  Many of them are gifs.  Gorgeous.



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