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I love it when this happens.   =D

I've been trying to get through the remainder of my Vancon photos that I had let languish.

I just finished a few photos of Richard & DJ and thought also to relink to the DJ photos I had posted earlier.   I tagged DJ on Twitter in the post.  Within minutes, I got this notification on my iphone.  I did a double take because i don't use Twitter that often and I wasn't positive this was telling me what I thought it was telling me.

Then I got this email...


I admit it, I'm shallow.  Kinda made my day.  :)


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Any recommendations for your favorite iPhone app to post to Facebook and/or Twitter (or even both at once?)

I'm doing some research for a friend and thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has some recommendations.
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Ok, so I'm working on getting more into Twitter and Facebook. I think LJ will always be my venue of choice. But #luciferiscoming and #vancon and [Poll #1458375][Poll #1458375]
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Via @GrooveGoddess (Traci Dinwiddle) on Twitter:

Can I get a \O/ for our fandom!

ps... oh and I guess I kinda like Twitter now....


May. 20th, 2009 03:33 pm
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I give up.  I don't know if I'll ever truly get into "posting" on Twitter, but damn Misha.

I've had a Twitter account for quite a while. In fact, back in April 2008, I posted a link to a how-to vid explaining Twitter because I thought it'd be cool if it was used during SPN cons. 

But even then I could not get myself to post anything.  I mean who cares what I'm doing at any given moment?  I'm not sure that *I* even care.

But I'm checking Twitter more and more cuz of Misha (dammit).  So if anyone's interested, my Twitter name is @GYWKaren.  I've gone back and forth on my Twitter user name.  That's the other problem I've had with Twitter--how to use it for both fandom (Growyourwings) and RL (Karen).  So I've finally settled on GYW (aka GrowYourWings) Karen because that way RL people might wonder at the GYW--but they won't connect it with LJ unless I specifically point them there.


So a question for anyone actively using Twitter--do you actually have all those twitter posts sent to your cell phone as text messages?  I tried this for a while and I got overwhelmed with the number of text messages.  Seemed like overkill.

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I was surfing this morning. One thing led to another as usual and I ended up on a sight that talked about the "zen way" of putting together presentations. I have to do presentations a lot at work and hate when people's eyes glaze over. I'm so impressed by unique ways of communicating ideas.

This sight linked to a company that was creatively doing presentations -- Common Craft.

Weirdly the first example on their home page was one that explained what Twitter was. Cool.

So for those of you who are curious. Here's a simple explanation of Twitter


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