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I was responding to a comment by raloria on another post which got me looking through my archived emails about the past history of SPN cons regarding costs, etc.

I found it really interesting.  So for my geeky side here is a summary of what I found.


  :: This information is based partially on my archive of emails which will contain factual information but in addition I may include my own recollections of which I may or may not have actual records
  :: MOST IMPORTANT:   I am not posting this to bash on Creation.   Creation is a business and as such they will be making a profit.  I've talked with both Adam and Gary and I honestly believe that they started the business and continue the business because they are fanboy geeks themselves.  I *do* truly believe they want to provide a great experience for everyone.   Not everything always goes perfectly, but over the past 5 years that I've been attending these, I've experienced and observed improvements in delivery and organization.  I'm a project manager by profession and as such I've organized relatively minor events for projects.  Nothing on the scale of these cons.  And the events I've organized are a massive pain in the butt to organize and run.   I'm very impressed with how Creation is able to pull these off.   I'm sure that in addition to general cost increases over the 5 years, that the appearance cost for the Js has risen.     I'm posting this because I find it interesting and nostalgic.  Not to bash.

one more thing.... )

History:  My first SPN con was the first LA Con in March 2008. This was the second ever Creation SPN con.  The first being in Chicago in November 2007.   And seeing the reports and ... um ... vids ... from the con made both Fickleone and I so envious of the fans who got to go.   So in December 2007, Fickleone & I decided to sign up for LA.  A short time before we had almost booked a flight to Dallas to see Jensen perform in AFGM, but decided it was too frivolous (*sigh* for miss opportunity). So when they announced a con in LA, we were all over it (despite our fear of being too old and out of place (again with the LOL).   We still thought we were being frivolous and were sure we would be out of place.  And that we were wasting money, etc.   But we figured we'd "do it just this one time."  (And how often has that been said across this fandon?)

Gold Tickets:  I have the original invoice for our 2 gold tickets for the LA 2008 con. Each ticket was $439 with S&H of $14.50 (which was REAL shipping back then as we got actual tickets in the mail.) For a total of $878 for two gold tickets. We had seats C25 and C26. The Vegas 2013 Gold Ticket price (on the website) was $559 (not including handling fee.)  So about a 27% increase in cost in 5 years. Somehow to me this doesn't seem too outrageous. I don't think it's the actual gold ticket price, but rather the decrease in what you now get with the gold ticket. For the first few cons I went to you got a REAL breakfast, all autographs, and a 30-min Jared panel, a 30-min Jensen Panel, and a 30-45min J2 panel. Not to mention the other guest panels. And for the first LA we got a Kripke panel! Little did we know that would be the only one.

In fact check this out!  I found it in an email notification for the LA 2008 con:

Note:  THIS iS NOT for an upcoming convention - this is PAST HISTORY for the LA 2008 Con
(in case anyone mis-interprets this image)

J2 Photo Op:  I also have the invoice for my first J2 photo op for LA 2008 - $149.00. The Vegas J2 photo op is $199. Which is 34% increase in cost in 5 years. My speculation is a lot of that cost increase is driven by a) Jensen's insistence after the first Vancon for Creation to keep the volume of the photo ops down to make it less crazy; and b) this is an ala carte item, and I believe Creation uses the ala carte items to make up any event and/or guest cost increases that have occurred over the past 5 years. So they didn't drastically increase the entry tickets, but instead increased the cost of ala carte experiences (and added more) as well as changed some previously included items into ala carte (as in some of the autographs.)
      EDIT:  Important to note that the J2 photo op went down from $219 (Vancon 2012) to $199 (Vegas 2013 & Vancon 2013).  

J Solo Photo Ops:  HOLY COW!  The J solo photo ops were SIXTY DOLLARS A PIECE!   $60!!!!   Seems like an absolute bargain now doesn't it? Today the J solo ops are $119 each. A 98% increase in cost in 5 years. 
      EDIT :: I think it's important to note that the cost of a J Solo Photo Op actually WENT DOWN from $129 to $119.  The Vancon 2012 J Solo Photo Op was $129.   The same ticket is $119 for both Vegas 2013 and Vancon 2013.

J Auto Tickets:   I do not have any actual record of how much the individual J auto ticket were at the first LA Con in 2008.   But I do remember that they had EXTRA J auto tickets (for both Jared & Jensen) available on the check in tables through most of the con.   Fickleone and I debated for awhile whether we wanted to spend that much more money on additional J auto tickets.  We thought it was a bit too much money to spend on extra auto tickets.   But we finally decided to buy one Jared and one Jensen each.  I'm pretty sure those tickets were about $20 each . !!!!   And since I do have a record that the solo J photo ops were $60 each, I believe my memory of the $20/ish price for the J auto tickets.   Edit:  I found my old LA 2008 schedule which said there were still individual J auto tickets available for $50 each.  And makes a bit more sense as to why Fickleone and I thought hard about buying 2 more each. /Edit   Plus - there were EXTRA lying in a pile on the tables.  I can still see the pile of tickets in my mind's eye.   And Fickleone and I thought we were being extravagant by spending an extra $40 $100 on more J auto tickets.   Oh, for those days.   The Vegas 2013 J auto ticket is $89.  Which if my math is correct (math is not my strong point), that's a 345% increase in 5 years.  So that would make a 78% increase in cost.  

~~ *** ~~ *** ~~ *** ~~ *** ~~ *** ~~ *** ~~

I just found this embedded in one of the Creation LA 2008 emails.  These days I save these images from Creation's con sites as I know they will disappear later.  I didn't save this one back in the day.




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Could not resist.

Jareds hair

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I was curious to see if I could do ANYTHING with the really lousy photos I took at LA in 2008. I had this small, portable camera that was no where near adequate to take these kinds of photos. As I told my daughter the other day, I can do a lot with photos now, but one the things I cannot fix is blur. But I can compensate a bit for it.

So here are just two LA 2008 photos I messed with tonight. I found a few more I may be able to do something with. When or if I get the time. Tomorrow I need to actually go to bed at a decent hour as I've something kind of important to get to!

a few photos under the cut... )

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[currently filtered just for me only]



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SPN LA Con 2008
Chicago Con 2008

Photo Ops & Autographs


Our scanner has been kinda dismantled for a while and I've been too busy, too tired, or too lazy to do anything about it.

Finally while over at my Mom's for Christmas today I took a few moments to scan my photoOps from the LA 2008 and Chicago 2008 conventions.  So for those of you who haven't seen photos or me in person--here's your lucky break!  (so called).  Well, just look at the boys.

LA Con 2008

The LA Con in March was my first and I was so NERVOUS going into the photoOps.  The only thing I can remember for sure is saying congratulations to Jared for his engagement to Sandy.  I was so much more nervous for the Jensen photo than for Jared.  But I was still very nervous overall. 

ABOVE :: Jared PhotoOp from the LA Con in March 2008.  

I had him sign it at the Chicago Con in November.  I like myself in all the LA Con photoOps.  It's one of the best photos taken of me.  The Creation photo guy (Chris) really rocks.  I love Jared in this as well.  [ profile] fickleone  and I call this Jared the "Sparkly Jared".

ABOVE :: Jensen PhotoOp from LA Con in March 2008.
I got a smiling Jensen!!!!!  Again, I had him sign it in Chicago this past November.

ABOVE :: The J2 Sandwich from LA 2008. 
I liked this photo back in March, but I think I like the J2 from Chicago better--at least of the boys.  I still like myself better in these LA photos.

Autographs from LA Con 2008

(Note: I'm adding these way after the fact, in 2011(!), so I don't remember a lot of the details from getting these autos unfortunately.)


ABOVE :: J2 Auto


ABOVE ::  My friend Mrsr58, who I hadn't yet met in person, made this great manip for Kripke to sign for her.   I decided to be brave and asked her if she would mind letting me use it as well.   I made sure M was before me in Kripke's autograph line.   But even after he originally saw the photo when M presented it, he still chuckled, and shook his head and said he couldn't believe how great it was.   


ABOVE ::   I remember making a point of looking Jensen directly in the eyes since I failed to during my photo op with him.  I think I freaked him out a bit.  ;-)


ABOVE :: Jared




ABOVE :: Kripke brought these photos with him and handed them out for free.  His autos were also free.  So I asked him to sign his head shot as well as the manip M made.

Chicago Con 2008

ABOVE :: It's funny because in Chicago this past November Jared just blew me away.  

I so had my Zen on.  I was so calm.  I felt like an old pro at this.  Jared's photo was first this time and as I was walking towards him he looked at me and said "Hi Babe, how you doing?" in this very sexy deep voice.  By the time he finished saying it I was face to face with him getting ready to take the photo, so I turned to him in surprise at what he said and my face was about 2 inches from his and I said something like "I'm doing great.  How about you?"  Then we were told to face the camera and Chris took the shot.  I walked out of there so giddy. 

Again, I'm supposedly a Jensen girl.  But man, Jared has charisma and so much sex-appeal it's freaking amazing.  And he was so cute in his black knit hat.

ABOVE :: The J2 sandwich was next in Chicago.  

I was still so nervous after the Jared photo that I could barely contain myself in anticipation of having another photo with him.  I barely looked at Jensen as I walked up to them.

ABOVE :: Then I was finally calm again after I knew the Jared photo's were over.  

I walked up to Jensen and said hi very calmly.  The boys were both sitting for the individual photoOps because they are so tall.  But that actually put Jensen a little on the low side and we had a moment of confusion about where to put our arms so my arm actually ended up almost on his shoulder -- which felt a little awkward.  But he patted me on the back and smiled at me.  He just didn't smile at the moment of the photo, darnit.  And this is the worse photo of me of all the photo ops I think.

ABOVE ::  Fickleone and I both got Chad photos in Chicago.  

And we got them back in time to have him sign it.

ABOVE :: And we also got a Gabe photo and had him sign it

Autographs from Chicago Con 2008


We're going to get a Malik photo in LA this coming March and maybe a Richard as well.  We've already purchased the J2, Jared, Jensen, and Misha photo-ops.

(And I'm still rooting for an Impala photoOp in Vancouver.)
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...from [personal profile] bellanut here.  She did such a fantastic job of photo-montaging this!  I love it!

(Hee!  And I so love it when I spy some of my photos in the mix!)
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We're toward's the beginning this time.  Waving directly at the camera.  Right after Jason asked if we're excited to see Jared and Jensen (duh!)


Still famous!

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SPN LA Con 2008

Rolling Stone Promo Insert
from September 2005

We were very fortunate to receive a free item at the LA Con in March 2008.   A WB promo insert included in the Rolling Stone magazine

From Mediaweek 

Rolling Stone, US Weekly Feature Special WB Insert 
August 11, 2005 
By Stephanie D. Smith 

The WB will place a special insert in two upcoming September issues of Wenner Media's Rolling Stone and Us Weekly to promote new Fall show, Supernatural, premiering Sept. 13. 

When readers open the magazine to the ad, the insert will play a 20-second song clip “Out of My Hands,” by the Dave Matthews Band, dialogue between the two main characters—brothers Sam and Dean Winchester—and a voiceover that gives a quick show summary and premier date. The ad will also have two flashing yellow lights that look like car headlights of a 1967 Chevrolet Impala, the same model the show's main characters drive. 

The insert, produced by WB and Americhip, will appear in the Sept. 12 issue of US Weekly and the Sept. 22 issue of Rolling Stone. 

Supernatural is a one-hour drama where two brothers search for an explanation behind their parent's death and encounter ghosts and spirits.

We were just thrilled to get this. The card is approximately 6 inches wide by 10 inches high.  I really considered having the boys sign this.  But I didn't want to sully it even with their signatures.  I'm adding this post way after the fact (in 2011), I'm considering having the boys sign it at either LA Con 2012 or Vancon 2012, but I still hestitate to have it marked up even though having their signatures would likely increase it's value.

(click on the images to enlarge)


above :: The front of the insert card

above :: the back of the insert

above ::  the inside of the card.  When you open the card, you can hear the Impala engine start up and the headlights on the car glow yellow (so cool.)  Then you hear the music mentioned above.  Finally you hear dialogue between Sam and Dean.   
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SPN LA Con 2008
March 29 - 30, 2008
Master Post

Total Guest Count (including Steve & Jason): 8


  • Schedule

  • Guests:

    • Jason Manns (Singer/Composer)

    • Fred Lane (Yellow Eyed Demon)

    • Chad Lindberg (Ash)

    • Eric Kripke (Creator/Executive Producer)

    • Steve Carlson (Singer/Composer)

    • Sandy McCoy (Crossroads Demon)

    • Jared Padalecki

    • Jensen Ackles

Convention Reports:

(Note: This was my first convention and my tiny little camera sucked!  I was so not happy with my photos.  I resolved to upgrade my camera before the next convention.)

Miscellaneous and Friends & Fans:

This page has been accessed at least several times since 08/23/2009.
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[profile] fickleone and I can be seen in line during the last few seconds of this CWSource interview of Jared at the LA Con.  This makes us famous doesn't it????  Of course we're blurry and only there for about a microsecond or two.  But still....
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Third day back at work after the LA Con.  First two days I was riding pretty high.  I swear I've never come back from a vacation feeling so refreshed and energized--despite having not enough sleep over the weekend!  [profile] fickleone is lobbying me to go to the Dallas Con and I am so, so tempted.  Folks at work say I should as well if my attitude and mood will show that kinda impact from the trip!  Although I've mentioned "The Show" at work before, my enthusiasm since my return had everyone saying that they had to check this show out!  My boss tried to watch last night--but I guess he doesn't get the CW. 

Still working through all my photos and stuff from the con.  Had fun last night renaming photos and photoshopping them a bit.  Assuming [profile] fickleone is feeling okay (bit of a cold), her and her family will be coming over on Saturday for a SPN Con viewing pizza party.  We figured it was the best way to get our mutual family members to perhaps pay attention and sit through a "here's what we did on our summer vacation" type of slide show.  We'll pizza and beer-them up and subject them to our manic obsession!  (hee!)

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A great opinion blog on Kripke and the LA Con can be found here.

I agree with everything she says.  Kripke is fantastic.  I love how much he respects the fans, but still also holds on to his vision.  "Trust the Kripke" should be a pledge of this fandom because so far he hasn't let us down.

And I'd also chip in for a fund for classic rock.  Athough, as Kripke said at the LA Con, Zeppelin would still be too expensive.  But wouldn't it be great if the fans provided a slush fund for other more affordable classic rock for the show.  As this blogger mentions, could anyone picture the end of Nightshifter without Renegade by Styx.  Or the use of "Don't Fear the Reaper" in Faith.  I've really missed the classic rock.

On a different note.  Today was my first day back at work since the LA Con.  Luckily it was a good day and I nothing was able to squash my residual energy and squee from this past weekend.  Despite not having enough sleep over the entire weekend, I've never returned from a vacation feeling more refreshed and energized.  Everything seems so bright and shiny to me.  I guess that's what comes from being "confined" with 1,000(?) positively charged fans for 3.5 days.

And now [profile] fickleone is lobbying for us to go the Dallas Con.  I am so, so tempted.
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Okay if I did this correct this link should send you to Photobucket where I've uploaded a lot of my Jared and Jensen panel photos.  I still have more to load but this is a great deal of them.
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At the Jared and Jensen panel the boys were asked about the fan requests for a bodyswap episode.  At one point a fan asked Jensen how he would play Sam.  Jensen replied "Gladly."  And got up and walked across the stage in a caricature pose of Sam.  I was able to get some shots of the walk.  They are not high quality. 

I'm in the process of posting all my con photos to Photobucket and will post the link likely tomorrow.
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[profile] fickleone and I are getting ready to leave for the airport.  I understand the brief photos I posted yesterday may not be accessible for download.  I plan on uploading all the photos to photobucket when I get home and decompress a bit.  I'll post as much as I can over the next few days.  But I think today will be relatively post free until at least late tonight.  I really, really need to absorb everything in my head.  So very much fun.  [profile] fickleone and I were up until late with some fellow fans and then more after they left our room.  We were punch-drunk with SPN love and extreme tiredness.   

I'm going to have to use [personal profile] missyjack's wiki to keep track of everything myself to remind myself of everything that happened this weekend.  And then Eyecon next week, then Dallas in June.  (I'm not going to either--but am really looking forward to seeing everyone else's reports on them.)
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I'm too tired to put many words around these.  But here are a few photos from today

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I wasn't able to fall asleep last night so I'm operating on only 2 hours of sleep right now. The only reason I'm not out like a light right now is that I have to go in 1 and a half hours to pick up my photos with the boys and I'm afraid if I fall asleep I'll be out until morning.

It was a fantastic day.  Starting with the boys at breakfast and Jared confirming that he and Sandy are engaged.  He proposed on January 28th, the 4th anniversary of their meeting.  They were in Paris, France at the time.  He had to propose in their hotel room because so many people were recognizing him that he didn't want the proposal to be photographed!  He said he would be at the Lourve (sp?) and people would be photographing him rather than looking at the Rembrandts!

Creation and the performers made several statements throughout the weekend about no video taping being allowed.  So what I have available is some photos, not all of which are in focus.

I just got back from seeing Sandy.  I almost didn't go down to see her talk because I was so tired.  But [profile] fickleone talked me into it.  I'm glad I did.  She was very, very adorable and cute. 

Sandy was terrific in her Q/A.  She was so nervous but did so well and the fans just loved her.  She offered to answer questions about Jared.  One person asked if he was a good kisser.  She said something like that was perhaps the one question she wasn't allowed to answer.  But then someone in the audience offered the answer "He doesn't suck."  And she latched on to that as her answer!  She obviously didn't mean he wasn't a good kisser--just that she didn't feel right about answering the question. 

LA Con

Mar. 30th, 2008 01:02 am
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We just got back to our room and have to get up at 5:30 am tomorrow.  So I won't be updating much tonight and we've got back-to-back stuff from around 6:30 am to 5:00 pm tomorrow.  So it will likely be tomorrow night before give more updates.

Steve Carlson's concert just absolutely rocked!  I liked his music before and had bought all his CDs.  But seeing him perform in person!  He was just terrific.

The Desert Party was fun mostly because of the other fans.  We exchanged ghost stories at our table.  Fred and Chad joined at separate times and each told there own ghost stories.  Both of them are fervent believers in the supernatural--no joking.  Fred shared a story both at our table and earlier that day on stage about an encounter he and friends had years ago.  He said one of his friends actually became a Jesuit priest because of the encounter and was "hunting demons."  Can't tell how much of that part was hype or not.  But he seemed genuine about seeing the ghost (or whatever it was.)  Chad also had a ghost story to tell and said he's had more than one encounter.  One member of our table asked why he particularly would have more than one encounter.  He replied that he believed it was because he was open to the experience.

Fred was definitely feeling happy (both because of the fans and because of a bit too much to drink I think).  He was a little late for the photo op but was on time for the desert party and was very outgoing at that function.

Chad was very laid back and nice.  For me it was hard to separate him from Ash.

Steve Carlson joined us very briefly at the desert party for photos and then left.

ETA #1:  Almost forgot, I have some great photos from Steve's concert.  I'll share one here because he so rocked and I encourage everyone to go to iTunes or his site and get his songs!  He specifically requested that items not be posted to YouTube from the concert.

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We're on a short break from the activities.  We'll be going back done in about 30 minutes to see Steve Carlson perform.  Today was awesome.

I have great photos of Chad, Fred, and especially Kripke.  Kripke's Q/A session was terrific.  Among other things he answered questions about:

Kripke just rocks!  He was so great to listen to.  He answered questions about:
   - How the wee boys were cast in A Very SPN Christmas
   - Would Jared or Jensen ever be interested in directing
   - What about an SPN soundtrack?
   - How did the strike impact the myth arc storyline of S3?
   - What about Bela?
   - What about an SPN Movie?' 
   - The nature of Lilith
   - What he wanted to be when he grew up
   - His favorite curse word
   - What about a bodyswap episode?
   -  Does the lighting in the episodes mean anything?
  - Classic Rock
  - Ad libs
  - Jensen's audition tape--will it be in the season extras?  What will be in the season extras?
  - Is Ben Dean's kid?
  - Why did Dean's eye's bleed in Bloody Mary?
  - What's the meaning of the amulet?
  - What about Mary and her story?
  - What's his favorite scene in WIaWSNB

ETA:  Here are some links to transcripts of Kripke's Panel:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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Thanks to[personal profile] mrsr58  for scanning these for me.

LA Con 2008 Schedule - Page 1

Page 2


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