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Sorry about that last post.  I was just so worn out from this weird-ass last week.   Between technology hating me and my entire right side just plain hating ON me - let's just say it was a challenging week.

Plus I got some triggery stuff going on a work that's underlying everything I think.   Nothing bad.  Actually most would consider it very good; it's just triggering some very bad (bad, bad) stuff from a previous work life.   I'll get over it.

Moving on.

SQUEE!!!   What was I *thinking*!!!???   Grumpy about HAVING to go to a con.   OMG.  Seriously.  I recognize how fortunate I am to be able to go.  And apologize to everyone, including myself, for my stupid pity-party.

What helped?   Well a short time-distance from work helped.  And comments from flisters helped.  :)  

And what started it?   Rewatching this wonderful fanvid that I stumbled across earlier this week.  Some smart person took Jensen's JIB performance and used it as a backdrop for a retrospective of the show and cons.  Love.

And then redteekal helped out by point me to this.  Which, while not SPN (and why hasn't anyone vidded to this yet?  Or have they?), it really hit the spot.

Plus I repaired my Vegas Con 2013 Master Post which was a victim of my Technology Rebellion this past week, when literally half of it just *poof* disappeared.   Makes me feel better to have it back (plus better anyway.)

BTW, there's a pretty good chance I will sign up for Vegas 2014.  While there's also a good chance fickleone might not go (bad time of year for her), my husband LOVES Vegas and is somewhat pouting because he isn't coming this time.   I've waved next year in front of him and he perked up quite a bit.   Plus I think I will do at least one other in 2014.  So I have to pick between Burcon and Vancon.   And I have a feeling I will not be able to resist Burcon (always been my fav; plus likely fickleone).   *headdesk* I guess there's a good chance there might be three 2014 cons in my future.   We'll see.

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New vid from Loki posted today.   These guys will always make me smile!  Great way to end the year.   Happy New Year everyone!

Edit:  Took me a bit to find it on LJ.  Go here to leave your thanks.

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One of my favorite SPN fanvidders has done it again.  [ profile] lsketch42  has done a wonderful vid-meta on Dean and how missing Sam impacted his ability to truly be happy with Lisa and Ben.  Go here to give her feedback!

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By DearigDaio via [ profile] alena2b  - made my morning!

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missyjack posted this this morning.  I just watched it.  Made me smile so wide.

So very glad Show is back!

I'm completely unspoiled for tonight's ep--I don't even know the title.  So looking forward to this!

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Found via [ profile] virtualpersonal  is a very angsty/sad video about Dean's emptiness as described by character in the recently aired SPN episode (spoilers for that episode naturally).

The video cannot be embedded.  Go here to see it.

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I've seen this rec'd on a few LJ's today.  I am not familiar with the song but I love the way the vidder has incorporated scenes all the way up through 5.08.  And scenes of all kinds - showing the humor and the pain of Show.

What about Everything by emilyreich

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I may actually do something for Halloween after all.  My daughter wants to carve pumpkins and bake all day.  Don't know if we can find pumpkins still available on Halloween or not plus we've NOTHING in the kitchen--so I guess it's grocery shopping. 

But we'll see.

Plus--go here to see a great SPN Monster Mash up!


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And then we have another great vid from fatedcinderella--Sam and Dean and the Nightmare on Elm Street.  Just in time for Halloween.

Go thank her here!

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I don't know how I missed this vid.  Posted on YouTube a month ago by LSketch42--one of my favorite SPN vidders.

Loved this.

ETA:   Found LSketch42's original post about the vid here.


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Normally I'm all about either the happy!happy! or rocking out type of fanvids.  But this recent vid by [ profile] ash48 is so achy and beautiful in the way it shows Dean's anguish about Sam and his life.  Plus, very much an added benefit, her vidding technique is really, really beautiful. 

Go here to give her feedback/thanks. 


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I started smiling within 2 seconds of this vid starting.  Who would have thought Dolly Parton 9 to 5 and the boys?   (Confession: I LOVE that movie.  Must have watched it 10x back in the day.)

My smile is so wide.  Go here to [ profile] ash48 's LJ to thank her for it.    (And thanks to [ profile] redteekal for rec'ing this this morning!)

ETA:  Oh!  There are S5 shots in this so if you're not up-to-date--spoiler alert!


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Another great fanvid by fatedcinderella. Leave her feedback here.

Just a way to close down my day--watching Jensen.  I never realized just how many times Jensen has danced for us!

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So not 2 minutes after I made my riveting BOREDOM post.  I found this vid on my flist by alena2b!

It made me smile!  Yay!  Go thank her here.

(and no, I didn't mean thank her for making me smile!  although... if you really wanna... feel free!)

New J2 Vid

May. 12th, 2009 12:32 am
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[ profile] malfana has a new J2 vid. For anyone else like me who needs cheering up regarding SPN (*worries about the boys*)--this is a vid that will make you smile.

So Happy Together! (Download and leave feedback here)

Yay! Boys!

Apr. 26th, 2009 10:02 am
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Thank you to [ profile] apieceofcake  for recommending this terrific J2 vid today!

Go here to leave [ profile] fatedcinderella  feedback on the vid and to download as well. 

And hey!  It has some Aussie Con stuff in the vid as well!

This just made my morning.

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I'm sure I've posted this one before.  But I just stumbled across it again. 

Just made me smile.

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Found via [ profile] missyjack is this wonderful fanvid made by [ profile] deirdre_c .  A tribute to Kim Manners--please find it our her site here and leave her feedback.  Fanvid includes clips from Kim's episodes.

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Here's some J2 smiles for you this fine Friday morning.

A new J2 fanvid by Loki (aka [ profile] secretlytodream ).   Links can be found here.  

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[ profile] mrsr58  pointed out that the same vidder did both the I Fell In Love and the I'm Yours J2 vids.  Once I realized this I went and checked out [ profile] proofpudding 's other SPN vids.

I'm sure I'm late to this game and everyone else knows all about these vids.  I'm amazed I haven't caught on before because I'm an avid SPN fanvid follower.  I've added [ profile] proofpudding  to my list of favorite SPN fanvidders.

Here are a few that i've just watched and loved.

There are so few Sam POV vids it seems and it's amazing that she's been able to set this one to a song called "Born Under a Bad Sign"!!!

From [ profile] proofpudding 's summary for the next vid "We Will Rock You":  " 'If you hurt my brother, I'll kill you, I swear. I'll kill you all. I WILL KILL YOU ALL.'   Protective!Dean, sibling rivalry, and badass Winchesters... plus some evil sons of bitches."

The "Epic Love Story of Sam & Dean"...

"Stay Awake"  Dean's Deal comes due.


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