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....I seriously need to get a job. These here are literally me just dorking around in Photoshop--no point, no target, no end result in mind. Decided to see just how weird I could be. I even called the folder I stored these in "weirdness." Maybe I should have called it "boredom."

These are all from either my LA 2009 or Chicago 2008 photos.

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Been playing around a lot with Photoshop. A couple of days ago I got the idea to go back through my Jared and Jensen photos from the Chicago Con 2008 and the LA Con 2009 and re-edit them.

This is the first of more than one post of those re-editted photos.

These are from the SPN Chicago Con 2008.

SPN Chicago Con 2008

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More Js...

Jan. 3rd, 2009 04:29 am
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Here's the last part of the J Panels from Chicago. The slideshow I posted here had started with Jared's Panel and then went only partway through the J&J Panel. This one starts at the beginning of the J&J Panel and goes through Jensen's Panel.

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Here's the slideshow of the Jared, Jensen, and J&J Panels from Chicago.  I wasn't as close as I was for the breakfast--so a lot of the photos are not totally focused.

ETA:  Okay so this is NOT all the photos--it's cut off about halfway through.  So I guess I'll be uploading another slideshow later today--with the rest of the J2 Panel and the Jensen Panel.

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Ok, so FINALLY Photobucket stopped being a b*tch and let me upload part of the J photos from Chicago.  I had to split up the breakfast and J panels though.

If anyone wants the FULL all-J-all-the-time version WITH music, let me know and I'll see if I can upload it somewhere.  It's really much better altogether and with music. 

I'll post the J Panel as soon as it's done being created.

I watched the slideshow multiple times yesterday---it made me feel so GOOD.  And seeing the photos like that is not only quicker--but it packs a powerful hit of uber-Js!

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SPN LA Con 2008
Chicago Con 2008

Photo Ops & Autographs


Our scanner has been kinda dismantled for a while and I've been too busy, too tired, or too lazy to do anything about it.

Finally while over at my Mom's for Christmas today I took a few moments to scan my photoOps from the LA 2008 and Chicago 2008 conventions.  So for those of you who haven't seen photos or me in person--here's your lucky break!  (so called).  Well, just look at the boys.

LA Con 2008

The LA Con in March was my first and I was so NERVOUS going into the photoOps.  The only thing I can remember for sure is saying congratulations to Jared for his engagement to Sandy.  I was so much more nervous for the Jensen photo than for Jared.  But I was still very nervous overall. 

ABOVE :: Jared PhotoOp from the LA Con in March 2008.  

I had him sign it at the Chicago Con in November.  I like myself in all the LA Con photoOps.  It's one of the best photos taken of me.  The Creation photo guy (Chris) really rocks.  I love Jared in this as well.  [ profile] fickleone  and I call this Jared the "Sparkly Jared".

ABOVE :: Jensen PhotoOp from LA Con in March 2008.
I got a smiling Jensen!!!!!  Again, I had him sign it in Chicago this past November.

ABOVE :: The J2 Sandwich from LA 2008. 
I liked this photo back in March, but I think I like the J2 from Chicago better--at least of the boys.  I still like myself better in these LA photos.

Autographs from LA Con 2008

(Note: I'm adding these way after the fact, in 2011(!), so I don't remember a lot of the details from getting these autos unfortunately.)


ABOVE :: J2 Auto


ABOVE ::  My friend Mrsr58, who I hadn't yet met in person, made this great manip for Kripke to sign for her.   I decided to be brave and asked her if she would mind letting me use it as well.   I made sure M was before me in Kripke's autograph line.   But even after he originally saw the photo when M presented it, he still chuckled, and shook his head and said he couldn't believe how great it was.   


ABOVE ::   I remember making a point of looking Jensen directly in the eyes since I failed to during my photo op with him.  I think I freaked him out a bit.  ;-)


ABOVE :: Jared




ABOVE :: Kripke brought these photos with him and handed them out for free.  His autos were also free.  So I asked him to sign his head shot as well as the manip M made.

Chicago Con 2008

ABOVE :: It's funny because in Chicago this past November Jared just blew me away.  

I so had my Zen on.  I was so calm.  I felt like an old pro at this.  Jared's photo was first this time and as I was walking towards him he looked at me and said "Hi Babe, how you doing?" in this very sexy deep voice.  By the time he finished saying it I was face to face with him getting ready to take the photo, so I turned to him in surprise at what he said and my face was about 2 inches from his and I said something like "I'm doing great.  How about you?"  Then we were told to face the camera and Chris took the shot.  I walked out of there so giddy. 

Again, I'm supposedly a Jensen girl.  But man, Jared has charisma and so much sex-appeal it's freaking amazing.  And he was so cute in his black knit hat.

ABOVE :: The J2 sandwich was next in Chicago.  

I was still so nervous after the Jared photo that I could barely contain myself in anticipation of having another photo with him.  I barely looked at Jensen as I walked up to them.

ABOVE :: Then I was finally calm again after I knew the Jared photo's were over.  

I walked up to Jensen and said hi very calmly.  The boys were both sitting for the individual photoOps because they are so tall.  But that actually put Jensen a little on the low side and we had a moment of confusion about where to put our arms so my arm actually ended up almost on his shoulder -- which felt a little awkward.  But he patted me on the back and smiled at me.  He just didn't smile at the moment of the photo, darnit.  And this is the worse photo of me of all the photo ops I think.

ABOVE ::  Fickleone and I both got Chad photos in Chicago.  

And we got them back in time to have him sign it.

ABOVE :: And we also got a Gabe photo and had him sign it

Autographs from Chicago Con 2008


We're going to get a Malik photo in LA this coming March and maybe a Richard as well.  We've already purchased the J2, Jared, Jensen, and Misha photo-ops.

(And I'm still rooting for an Impala photoOp in Vancouver.)
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First seen at [ profile] keepaofthecheez and then several other places including [ profile] janglyjewels . 

Cheer up your flist with your fav Jared pic!

Here's some I took at Chicago J2 Breakfast in Nov...

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SPN Chicago Con 2008

Wyndham Chicago O'Hare

I have to say that I was less than pleased with the hotel for this convention.  Our room was a little shoddy, the main restaurant was not open all the time and the Sports Bar got a little tiring sometimes.

Above:  Main Lobby

Above:  Standard room

Above:  Conference room - set up like the Breakfast Event (but our event did not have a screen and had a REALLY low ceiling.)

Above:  Convention room hallway

Above:  The main restaurant, which was (thankfully) open for breakfast at least.  It was not open most of the other times.

Above:  The sports bar where the Karaoke Party was held (which was a blast btw)

Above:  More of the Sports Bar.

Above:  This was a little coffee/bar area in the main lobby.  We could grab seats there to visit, but it was never open for service.

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Total Guest Count (including Steve & Jason): 9

Schedule and Hotel
~ ~ Guests ~ ~

  • Gabe Tigerman (Andy)

  • Steve Carlson

  • Richard Speight (the Trickster)

  • Samantha Smith (Mary)

  • Charles Malik Whitfield (Hendriksen)

  • Chad Lindberg (Ash)

  • Jason Manns

  • Jared Padalecki (Dean Winchester)

  • Jensen Ackles (Sam Winchester)

Convention Reports
~ ~ Friday, Day 1 ~ ~

~ ~ Saturday, Day 2 ~ ~

~ ~ Sunday, Day 3 ~ ~
(aka The Main Event)

Misc & Fans

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Again provided by mrsr58. Below is the schedule for Chicago Con 2008. fickleone was our official "schedule holder"--everytime I asked what was next she would say, "Let me check!" and pull out her handy-dandy schedule that was secured in plastic!

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Mrsr58 kindly scanned the menu's that were available at the hotel at Chicago Con 2008.  I think I had the Jared burger just about every meal except for breakfast.  It's not that it was that great--but it was fast and decent.  I had the Dean-A-Rita a couple of times.  And I tried the Purple Nurple--it was AWFUL!

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What the heck.  I think I can get through the last of my photos from the breakfast with this one post--maybe.

I put the camera down about halfway through the breakfast and just sat back and watched, listened, smiled, and laughed.

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I can't believe I'm doing this.  My next 40 photos just finished loading and rather than going to bed, I'm posting again.  I'm so going to regret this at work tomorrow.

So to continue....Breakfast with the Boys, Part 2...

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I have so many photos of the boys.  I got this great new-to-me camera (used) just before I went to Chicago.  I was able to use my old lenses from my film Canon camera.  So was able to use my telephoto lens to get great shots of the boys even if I wasn't in the first rows. 

The camera also has fast shutter speeds so I could rapidly take photos--which I learned at the LA Con is really important with the boys--especially Jared--moving around all over the place.

So here's the first of my Breakfast posts.  I don't know how many photos I'll actually post on LJ.  Too tired (and partially blind) to make that decision right now.  And if my brain and memory is alive enough, I may add commentary for the photos.  (Oh and btw--the numbering I'm using is for my reference and may not be totally sequential.  They are the numbers used to store the photos on my hard drive.)

Jared entered the room first.  Followed shortly by Jensen.  They had two microphones and the mikes were not that close so I wasn't always able to get them both in a shot while still trying to avoid the backs of the heads of the people in front of me.

Jared was wearing his black coat again.  For a guy who sweats a lot--he sure wears hats and coats a lot!  He did take the coat off almost immediately though for the breakfast.  At the panels he wore the coat and black beanie hat all the time.  He had on one of his standard blue plaid button ups.

He is a major cutie.  I had photoops with both the boys separately and together this time (like in LA).  In LA I was all befuddled because of Jensen. 

Jared's photoop was first this time.  When I walked up to him he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Hi Babe, how are you doing?"  I smiled back and said, "I'm doing great, how about you!?"  And I swear his face was about two inches from mine!  I quickly turned my head for the photo, said thanks and let.

He completely blew my ZEN!  I was so calm and feeling so "not a newbie" and Jared completely blasted that away.  I was giggly for hours afterward.  Just ask[ profile] fickleone .  

Sorry I digressed.  Here's cutie...

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Wow.  Public Service Announcement..

Did you know that if you spend ALL DAY staring at a computer monitor your eyes start to lose their ability to focus?

I know that NOW.

I want to post at least one post with the boys at breakfast before I call it a night. 

Then unfortunately (or fortunately if my spamming is getting annoying) I have to go back to work tomorrow.  So depending on how worn out I am after that, I'll continue with the posts. 
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Whoops!  I skipped Malik!  FAIL!  And he was so good too!

My main memories of Malik's panel was how grateful he seemed to be doing what he was doing.  His childhood was less than ideal and he credited many people for his success.

Here are some more photos of Malik's panel:

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So here's my one post of dissatisfaction for the Chicago Con--the Dessert Party.

It started late because of the delay in autographs.  But that by itself was no big deal.  Creation was overall doing very good with keeping things on schedule.

We went down to this long, narrow, low-ceilinged room.  We packed in ... what about 400 people?  Felt like that many anyway.  10 to a table. 

This was to be the same room and set up for the Breakfast in the morning.  We weren't overall pleased with the set up because some of the tables were tucked way back in the far corner in such a way that you would basically see the boys backs during the Breakfast.

Then they announced that the Breakfast would be first-come, first-served and they would not prevent people from camping out overnight. 


They did give a curfew in LA--we could not start lining up before 7 am.  Sure some people broke that rule--but not too many.  And it sure bet out being up all night after little sleep the night before and looking at taking photos and meeting the boys and looking like Frankenstien's Monster!

They are starting to sign up folks for assigned Breakfast seats with the next Chicago Con, but they gave some kind of excuse that since they advertised first come first serve when they sold the current Chicago Con and the next LA Con, they couldn't prevent anyone from camping out.

UGH again.

I, and many others, were SO NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS.

And then the DJ started.  Yes, I said DJ.  In that small, small room they had a DJ playing loud music.  I swear I could not even hear the person next to me talk.  And I was expected to hear the guests when they came around to the tables?

Yeah I was tired.  But I was tired last year too and didn't get PO'd about any snafus.  

But this was seriously starting to annoy me a lot.

Jason came by our table.  I couldn't hear him.  Then we waited for a long time.  The other guests, Sam, Chad, Richard, Malik, Gabe were all making the rounds--but somehow they always seemed to miss our table.

Then someone fainted.  I guess she had become dehydrated or something.  To me it was just a symbol of how overwhelming bad this dessert party was going.

Finally I told [ profile] fickleone  I was going to check out those lousy tables to see just how bad they were.  Because I didn't want to stay up all night and if I could stand those tables then I wouldn't have to.  She came with me to check them out.  They weren't really THAT bad--at least not bad enough to stay up all night or even get up at 4am to avoid them.

So I told [ profile] fickleone  and my table I was leaving--I'd had enough.  A short time later the room was cleared so that the girl who'd fainted could be treated and transported.  I understand everyone was let back in later.

[ profile] fickleone  and I agreed to get up at 5 am and go down to the line at 5:30 am.  The doors opened at 8:45 am.  I was still not happy, but I'd survive.

It turned out that our position in the waiting line was on the stairway--so we had a pretty good spot to sit and chat with other fans.  So that worked out well.

And we were about 50-100 people back in line and we ended up with a pretty good table.

Breakfast photos to come.

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I already did a post that included most of my publishable photos of Chad and some of Jason.  Go here to see them
I have a few more of Jason that I'll post here.  Jason's concert Saturday night was terrific.  I hadn't realized how much I'd been listening to his CDs.  I found myself singing alone with most of the songs. 

Unfortunately his concert started late due to the long autograph lines.  For everyone but Jared & Jensen, Creation was allowing personalized autographs to be done.  So the autographs took longer.  I really felt sorry for those with autograph tickets in the general admission area.  What a wait!

Also Jason's concert had to be cut short in duration as well due to the Dessert Party needing to start.  I'll post more about the Dessert Party in another post.  It was the only Thumbs Down event I attended.

Here are some more photos from Jason's panel:

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Boy I had such trouble seeing Mary in Samantha.  Different hair color, different make up.  Even looking at these photos I have trouble seeing it.  I guess she's one of those women who can look very different with different make up and hair.

Sam was very sweet.  She talked about her 4-month-old son.  She mentioned that her husband was best friends with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk.  She told a story about Nathan playing "drunk baby" using her son as a "puppet" (very carefully of course!)  She said she could not stop laughing.  Her son, like any baby, is very limber and loose and Nathan was waving his arms around while making jokes.

Sam is a fan of the show and is a sci-fi geek.  She also watches the new Battlestar Galactica. 

She also told a "Jared's dogs" story.  She has a small yorkshire terrier who bit Harley on his nose!  Harley is about 100 lbs (or more?), Sam's dog is about 3 lbs!

Here are some photos from Sam's panel:

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Day 1 Photos - Richard Speight - The Trickster

I really enjoyed Richard's panel as well.  He was very at ease immediately.  Told great stories.  He told a great one about Jared's dogs.  Seems like many of the guest cast has had encounters with Jared's dogs.  Richard was supposed to join the boys in Jensen's trailer to watch a football game and accidently went to Jared's trailer instead.  Inside he was ... enthusiastically greated by Harley and Sadie.

He got the job of playing the Trickster because he had worked before with Robert Singer.   He took the part without really reading the script thoroughly.  He was told he was playing a janitor.  Which he mimiced very effectively up on stage for us.  He found out while reading the script on the plane to Vancouver that he was actually playing a god!

Richard also hung out at the Karoake Party later that night and did mix a little with the fans.  My husband was down at the bar late that night after I'd left and he talked with Richard and called me on his cell and put Richard on.  We talked for a few minutes.  You can read about the very brief conversation here. 

[ profile] fickleone  and I were so impressed by Gabe and Richard that we went and purchased photoop with Gabe and later got those photos autographed.  I think I'll get Richard in LA.

Richard told some great stories about his other work as well.  Especially about Band of Brothers.  He told a great story about how he located the family of the soldier he played in Band of Brothers.  They didn't even know their family member was in a book much less a TV show.  He corresponds with them still today.  The cast of Band of Brothers also has reunions with the soldiers they portrayed (those who survived the war of course.)

Here are some photos from Richard's Panel under the cut...

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