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Went down a bit of rathole today.   Came back up with this.    The addition of the lens as a last minute add.   I had been trying for a symbolic lens, but found the lens image and it just ... worked.   However, I'm not yet sure if it's overall too gimmicky.  I have a version without the lens and without the little bubble circles as well.  This is not a watermark.  Rather could be used as an icon/avatar, sticker, badge, insignia.

KCP Glimpse Graphic Badge FINAL Transparent

KCP Glimpse Graphic Badge FINAL White

KCP Glimpse Graphic Badge FINAL black


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Random aside:   WOW Is it RAINING much??!!!

It's been a very long summer.  All kind of a blur.  I'm one of those people who gets energized by Fall.   It sparks my creative energy.   I put in likely 15 hours yesterday doing long overdue work on my photography business.  So I'm feeling accomplished and while a tad bit tired, not exhausted at all.  I think back to 2008 when I was considering launching my own business.  Photography was not on the list of potentials back then.   I felt like I was moving through sludge to try to figure out what and how and if I even wanted to do it.  And the answer kept coming back NO.

What is the line by John Lennon, "Life is what happens when you are making other plans?"   This feels something like that.  I've always loved photography.   I almost majored in it back in college, but didn't for many reasons.    Mostly (but not only) because frankly back then darkroom work bored and frustrated me.  Way too slow and cumbersome.   (Ironic now because I'm considering enrolling in a darkroom class; which would be my first since I was about 19 years old.)  I received my first camera when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  It was a Brownie.  I'm pretty sure it was this one below.  I can still remember opening the package.  When my daughter was born I was constantly taking photos of her with our Canon EOS film camera.   Bob was always telling me to stop taking photos because I was "wasting film!"  I cataloged all my negatives and marked the back of all prints with the cataloged negative reference numbers.
But still.  Doing photography on a professional basis never occurred to me in 2008.   It's been so gradual.  And while it has not been effortless.  It *feels* like it's effortless.

While I'm not done, I spent a good deal of time yesterday resolving several issues I had with my two main photography websites.  While I still have some tweaking, I'm pretty happy with them right now.  Plus all of my various sites and social media sites are not somewhat hooked together.
Screen shots of websites/social media sites... )



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