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Just saw this on my FB feed.  I am so excited.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was like one of my favorite movies when I was a kid (see previous posts re me=INFP; as in me=day dreamer).  This trailer looks amazing.

More on this movie here.



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Just saw this on my FB feed via my local woo-woo store.

I LOVE Joseph Campbell and as I just said on my FB: "Be the Hero of your own life. I had not heard of this movie until just now. I'm a bit Joseph Campbell fan from the perspective of psychology, sociology, and stories. From this trailer it looks like this movie is about applying the Heros Journey to your own life. Makes perfect sense and was somehow already connected in my brain, but not at the forefront. I will be watching this."

Why I had not already made the forefront, conscious connection between the Hero's Journey and my own life, I've no idea.  Even though I was all about the power of storytelling and it's ability to impact and inform your own life, the STORY was still in between myself and the Hero's Journey.  It was still somehow more focused on the *fiction* than on *reality*.   Must ponder more on this.  And ACT more on this.  And watch this movie.  I really hope the internal excitement and ZING I got from watching this trailer does not fizzle (as in I hope the movie, lives up to the trailer.)

Finding Joe: The Movie.

UPDATE: Having trouble even finding the movie - Amazon is sold out, Netflix does not have it.   I may have to go to my local woo-woo store as they just posted they have copies.  Along with the statement that it's been their best selling item since the movie came out in 2011.



Jan. 1st, 2013 10:05 am
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I watched Thor last night.   I had never seen it before.  Always meant to, just never got around to it.

Firstly let me just say that watching Thor when drunk ... is kinda fun.   I was watching on a small screen and perhaps the special effects were more cheezy than my intoxicated brain/eyes thought.  But I kept going, "awesome."  lol.

I have to say that I *really* loved The Avengers.  However, I really did not *get* all the hullabaloo over Loki or the guy playing him.   I meant he was good and all but from what I see sometimes on Tumblr you would think the character and/or the guy playing him was sex on wheels or something.  I just didn't get it.   

After watching Thor, I get it more.   

Plus I saw the other ties to The Avengers with some of the other characters.  Agent Coulson, Hawkeye.   Have to say I'm glad they didn't bring back Thor's love interest as I didn't feel it; and honestly I'm not a huge fan of Natalie Portman.  Also my appreciation for Jeremy Renner has increased a lot.   Even though he had a very small part.   As for Chris Hemsworth, I'm liking him a bit more in the Thor character, but Loki / Tom Hiddleston really out shown him.

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Now this helped to improve my mood.  Live streaming the new Hobbit movie soundtrack.



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Bob and I just watched this great film called "Ingredients."  Turns out it's a Portland produced film about the growing movement towards locally grown food.  It features a lot of local Portland farmers and communities and restaurants.  Such as Carafe which is nearby my old workplace and where I've eaten frequently.   

Here's the trailer for the film.   

One of the lines that really stood out for me was when the film stated that the US spends less on food than any other industrialized nation.

Another line was the statement that it is estimated that 1 in 3 kids born in 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes.   

Then there was the image of a skull and cross bones poison sign staked in a field of growing vegetables because of the pesticides being used on the crops.   Really?

On the flip side was all the wonderful footage of local farms in the Portland area (and in NY and Ohio) and interviews with farmers who are going organic, doing CSAs, selling directly to local restaurants, and working with the community and the local school system.   

Since I changed the way I eat about a year ago, I am continually amazed at how many different foods and ways to prepare those foods and such wonderfully tasting food there is out there.   It makes me both very happy and very pissed off at what has happened to the food system in this country.

If you have Netflix, this film is available for streaming.   I loved this.  Watching this film made me love the Portland/Willamette Valley area even more than I already did.

Edit:  Here is the entire film on YouTube:

And from one review:  "I will also say this . . .the images in this film are stunningly beautiful. If you love food, like I love food, you will be blown away by the cinematography in this movie."


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Movie rec...

In the past few days I've watched this movie twice (once alone, once with my husband) and will likely be watching it again with my son.

It was a film released in 2007.  I'd never heard of it.  It's "Into the Wild" directed by Sean Penn.

Here's a good summary (source - don't read the rest of this review if you don't want to be spoiled for the ending.)

"The film was directed by Sean Penn, whose personality and opinions I have little use for, but whose artistry I find unsurpassed.  It is based on the eponymous best-seller by Jon Krakauer, about Christopher McCandless, a young man who "dropped out," as they used to say in the sixties, only without "tuning in" to any movement or "turning on" with any known drug.  McCandless is played beautifully by Emile Hirsch, and the soundtrack by Michael Brook and Eddie Vedder achieves perfection.  (I don't use that word very often.)  What McCandless did was abandon family, friends, future prospects, and affluent lifestyle, to embark on a quest without definition that, to judge by the film (I have not read the book), acquired definition as it went along.

"Stay with the film, all the way to the end, and you will see. Into the Wild possesses Tolstoy's most essential quality: an ability to move from the center of everyday existence to the outer periphery, where life and death and transcendence meet and touch; and to do it all with a sure hand that, in its power and wisdom, resembles the hand of God."

It's a very moving and at times, emotionally hitting, movie.  Even my 16-year-old son, who's seen only parts of it and now wants to watch the whole thing with me, even Tim was moved by what little he saw.

more (including song) under the cut... )
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OMG.  Best.  Movie.  Ever.   (Okay perhaps a slight exaggeration--but still really good.)

I feel like I've seen the Star Wars of the decade. 

Really.  Really.  Really.  Good.  

I was expecting good special effects--which, yeah, definitely.  But although I recognize the storyline is perhaps cliche--it was still very good.

Loved it. 

Took the whole family.

We bought our tickets 2+ hours ahead of time online and arrived at the theater 1 hour early.  We still had to stand in line and there were a LOT of people in line in front of us.  We did get decent seats (nose bleed section, but good).  Movie sold out.  I haven't seen this type of atmosphere for a movie since I stood in line for Star Wars back in the mid seventies.
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So today is a wonderful day as many of you know. We just got back from my second watching of Julia and Julie. Still good the second time around.

And I come home to find out there was a new Glee episode tonight! I keep forgetting what night it is on and since I'd just watched the last episode a few nights ago I was momentary confused.

But then I thought--Yippee! Now I get to watch a new Glee episode on top of everything else.

Side note: It is so wonderful how much Julie Child and her husband loved each other. Just makes my heart smile.
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by dramaa_princess here!  Go see!


under the cut... )

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Not my picspam---but I've looked at the My Bloody Valentine Jensen picspam that[ profile] moondropz did here--about five times today. Man I can not WAIT until this DVD becomes available.

And I also cannot believe that I just said that--I mean REALLY? Me? Waiting for a SLASHER movie DVD?


Prior to seeing moondropz picspam I'd been (again) thinking earlier about how is it that I've become so ... invested ... in the careers of these two actors.

And yes I've said this before and yes here I go again...

I mean I've been a fan of genre TV/movies since I was a kid. I've loved many, many shows and characters and even actors. But never. Never. Have I become so invested in careers like I have with these two.

I mean I have list of actors whose work I will just about always go see....Harrison Ford, Will Smith, and others..but I'm just drawing a blank on names. However just because these actors have shows or movies it doesn't guarantee I'd go see it. Maybe I might wait a few weeks/months/years...or just never get around to it.

But I showed up for the very first showing of two SLASHER movies. Even though I'd sworn to myself in the 80s that I'd never go see stupid, bloody, nonsensical slasher movies. Pfftt! (Miss La-Di-Da here.... *sheepish grin*)

I never even hestitated even though I suspected I'd get sick to my stomach.

And unless these two turn into self-centered Hollywood a**holes (which I can't even imagine), I will likely be doing the same for whatever they do for the rest of their careers.

And I really can't imagine that I'll end up doing this for any other actors in the future. Even if I end up loving their work. I just can't see it.

I think this is a once-in-my-life occurrence.


I wasn't going to include any MBV caps here--just point to moondropz. But I went to pick just ONE to prettify my journal. And Ugh! I could NOT pick just one. So I've put several under the cut. Please go see moondropz entry linked above for more and more and more of the GUH.

Oh and if you haven't seen MBV, but plan to and don't want to be spoiled. Don't click.

Jensen under the cut... )

Thanks so MUCH to [ profile] moondropz (see her post HERE with MOAR!) and [ profile] justfreefallin for the picspam and the screencaps!

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I'm sad. My daughter is having three of her friends over tonight. I just had this very, very random thought about how cool it would be to have all of us go see MBV tonight. Seven of us -- five of us under 25. How cool. Not sure if they'd even want to.

But then I checked and MBV is no longer playing in the area. *frowny face* I guess Coraline and the 3D Jonas Brother film finally pushed MBV out of the theaters. Bummer.

I've been meaning to do a round up of any MBV images I can find and decided this was a good time since I was hunkering after some Tom/Jensen.

So Random Jensen - MBV Edition.

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via[ profile] ilaria84  on [ profile] dean_sam .

ETA:  When I watched this the sound was a little out of sync.   But you know?  I love Bonnie Hunt. The only times I've ever seen her show have been when Jensen and now Jared have appeared.  I don't watch much broadcast TV (really none).  She just seems so nice.  I've loved her in whatever shows/movies I've seen her in. 

ETA2:  And I loved the joking about Bonnie and Jensen dating and how Bonnie had to dump him.

ETA3:  And the shout-out to the SPN Fans!!!!

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Found via [ profile] janglyjewels ...

(click about 3 times for bigger)

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Had a random thought to go check out the MBV numbers.

Doesn't look too shabby considering the movie's budget was $15M and it's grossed $48M. 

From here.

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He just makes me smile even when I don't want to!  Jared on KTLA about F13.  And about how two of the newscasters (one man, one woman) have crushes on him!)  (Found via [ profile] persuna  on [ profile] keymash_jared )

ETA:  I mean seriously--how can I stay depressed?  See????

ETA2:  OMG.  He kills me.  "Jared's next movie is called "Subtext," says newscast guy who has crush on Jared.  And Jared talking about auditioning in a bra in the woods.

I swear *everyone* flirts with Jared.  I even flirted with Jared and I think the last time I flirted was twenty-ish years ago!  You just cannot help yourself.

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via [ profile] missyjack , a NYCC photo of Jared by winter1066 (more here).

OMG.  How is he so f'ing adorable AND sexy???  I'm telling ya' the last time I saw him at Chicago, I was completely BOWLED over by him.  And I'm a Jensen girl.

(Click for bigger)

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More F13 stills have surfaced.  I've clipped in closer to the Jared in these.  Looking good.  Click for larger.  Found here.

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Found here.

Click for larger version.


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