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Wanted to post this here.  A birthday greeting from M.  :)

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Starting playing with LJ options last night and ended up going off the deep end.   I hate it when this happens.   I got it to a point last night where I could stand it, but it may not stay like this.   And it might be wonky.   I'm playing with the concept of a format that does a better job showcasing photos.   We'll see where it ends up.  I just don't want to go too far down the CSS rat hole because I find it takes forever.


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What lousy timing for LJ issues - right after a great finale.

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One of the allures of Tumblr I think is that you appear to get a lot more response to posts.   Tumblr enables a quick "like" and reblog function which can get your posts spreading around a lot via people you don't know.  As I've been playing more in Tumblr and thinking about the LJ vs. Tumblr comparison, I've begun to think that for those of us who are not fandom's writers, but it's visual artists, Tumblr may offer a bit more feedback satisfaction.   And then there's the fact that for whatever reasons, Tumblr is so much more active for SPN than LJ seems to be these days.   Even if the activity might be a bit OTT or youngish or whatever or Cas vs. Sam focused - at least people are reacting and talking - as opposed to the silence that seems to have descended over LJ.   

Don't get me wrong, I still see LJ as my fandom homebase.   My real community.   I'm just venturing out further and exploring and bringing back.  :)

Tumblr is not the place for in depth conversations or getting to know-you's.    I am seeing that relationships form there and perhaps it's just a matter of getting used to the different behavior of Tumblr, but it still does seem to me to as good as LJ for forming a more "connected" community.

But there is something to be said for finding two of my photos on Tumblr with more likes/reblogs than I've ever seen on LJ.

I did not go back to verify this, but I'm pretty sure this photo below is an enhanced version of the one I uploaded.  It appears to have been "Tumblrized" with increased saturation and color filters.





This last one is particularly satisfying as it has nothing to do with SPN, but yet got 98 likes/reblogs.
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Wow, I go away for a bit (or longer) from LJ posting and how things change.  

There's an LJ-like button now in the posting window?

Huh.   Look at that.

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Let's see how lj cutting works on this app

editting the lj cut label )

And then this is out of a cut.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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from [ profile] raloria 

This one sounded interesting

I'm 70% LiveJournal!

Veteran status.
The majority of the LJ community could learn from you.

The LiveJournal Quiz

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

flist trim

May. 26th, 2010 11:09 am
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I'm thinking doing a flist review and possibly some cuts.   A case of my LJ use evolving into a lot more personal posting.  If I cut it will be folks that I've friended back in the day when I friended everyone just 'cuz.   This is not about cutting folks I talk with via LJ.   I'll be looking over the next x days.  If I cut inappropriately, let me know.

under the cut... )

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Oh mighty oracle flist...

Hey anyone elso notice there multi-word tags are no longer working?  It used to be to look up a tag it was */tag/word1+word2....  and now it's */tag/word1 word2... without the +.  It means that none of the links I have to my multi-worded tags work.  I'm trying to figure out if this is an LJ problem and will soon go back to the old way or if I have to spend xx hours cleaning up all my links.

Anyone know?
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Anyone else having problems uploading images to Livejournal scrapbook?  I keep getting an error saying I'm not logged in.  Which of course I AM logged in.
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Thanks to [ profile] elsiecat and my insomnia of last night I now have a new layout.

I finally figured out that it was that darn black curtain backdrop that was messing with my Photoshop-fu in trying to make headers out of any J2 panel pics. While I liked some of my results, they were all so dark and I wanted something more lively.

So since I couldn't sleep last night...I ended up doing this. And I was very happy with the results. So I played some more to adapt one of them for a new header and came up with this...

(click to enlarge)

It has a transparent background so the background colors you see will depend upon the background of the page you are viewing.

Then I played around with my layout and the final results are below.

(click to enlarge)

Plus I made a shiny new icon to match! And I think this is the first icon I've ever made that I really like. (Not that I've made a lot, mind you.)

And the icon image larger...
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I don't know if you all noticed this, but for a couple of hours last night, embedding of videos did not work on LJ. 

It turns out that LJ turned it off due to some kind of script that was modifying people's LJ entries.

You can find out more here.

After reading about I realized that my LJ was hit.  My 2020 sticky post had those weird boxes at the end of the post added and the tags, location, and mood were removed.  Luckily it was already a public post.  But I'm now concerned about what LJ said about profile email addresses being nabbed.

Honestly, last night I really thought it was just me.  I was having a weird evening and thought I must have had an extreme brain fart and accidently updated my sticky post! 


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New Layout!

In celebration of my LJ-versary, I figured it's about time I made my own header from my own photographs of the Js.

layout images under the cut... )

Whew! Been wanting to brighten the layout for awhile. Finally took the time today to do it!


Apr. 30th, 2009 11:46 pm
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I can't believe I did this--but yes, I asked kerrikins for a Dreamwidth invite when she said she had some available.

So I'm also GrowYourWings on DW. I *think* this will be cross posted. It's posted directly on DW.

And I've no plans to live LJ. I'm just playing. And depending on how hard/complicated this is--it will be a backup journal.
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Oh man there are some amazingly awesome and creative people out there in the world aren't there?

I went looking for one measly little icon for drawing and have now lost about two hours by being mesmerized by how creative people are.

I just found the [ profile] deviantart  community.  Duh.  I love DeviantArt so of course there would be an LJ community for it.  I'm not sure when I'm going to come up for air now...

*dives back in without a look back at the book I'm supposed to be reading...*

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Is it just me? I find it so hard to read light-colored text on light background. But the layout and artwork is cool.


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I decided I jinx our local weather into snowing again by choosing that winter frost LJ layout *grins*.  So I went a-browsing.

I love this one.  Feels like summer--it's bright and has water and rocks (as [ profile] fickleone  knows, rocks like me.)  Plus, as an added bonus, the font is larger--which is easier on my eyes.


LJ Layout

Jan. 4th, 2009 12:13 pm
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My LJ layout broke several weeks ago and I haven't had the mental (and emotional!) energy to try to fix it after spending a couple hours one day trying to no success. So I left it broken--but it's been driving me NUTS looking at it. This morning I finally said to heck with it and switched back to a standard LJ layout until I can re-apply a custom-built one.

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Cuz everyone's doing it (ok so just [ profile] fickleone and [ profile] mrsr58 )

Who comments the most on this journal? )

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All, I have an LJ layout problem that I'm trying to fix and don't have time right now to resolve the issue immediately. So expect to see funky layout for a short time (hours? day? days? IDEK)


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