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fr108_AliceLouiseFriedlineDaisies#colorized2 by KarenCookePhotography

Restored and colorized photo of my grandmother Alice Louise Friedline Barnhart (on right) with a friend. Photo taken around 1910 in Meyersdale, PA.

Update:  Here is the original


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Lazy way of cross posting from FB.   Screen snapshot.  LOL.


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I'm getting some reactions to this shot from last night.  It was hard for me to pick between this shot and the other one I decided to share here.   But based on some comments I've gotten, I'm going to share this one as well.



Jan. 4th, 2013 12:43 am
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NSLL (see email).


I hope you have a wonderful day!   Full of peace and happiness.   Focus on you today.  You deserve it.

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We arrived back home this afternoon from our 25th wedding anniversary trip to San Francisco.  I'm very tired. We had a wonderful time.  More details later.  I wasn't going to look through the photos I took since I was so tired.  But that didn't last long.  I have to go to work early tomorrow so I really need to stop.  I haven't even finished transferring the files from my camera.  I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the great photos.  It's been a long time since I've been so inspired by a trip.  I think even Hawaii did not inspire me as much as this trip.

Yesterday late afternoon Bob and I were driving through a water bird marshland as the sun was starting to go down.   Here is a random sample of what we saw.  This is a pelican caught in flight with the setting sun shining from behind.  You can see pellets of water falling off the pelican as he had just dove into the water to catch something.   Click to enlarge.

When I got to some images of snowy egrets fishing in the marsh with colors ranging from magentas to oranges to blues to greens.  I had to stop.  I just didn't even know what to do, the images overwhelmed me so much.

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Last weekend Bob, Tim and I went camping at Timothy Lake at the base of Mt Hood.   It was fun!   I took a lot of photos of Tim on the the lake (Tim on Timothy Lake, ha!)  And I set up on the shore just before sunset to capture Mt Hood & the lake during the sunset.   There was another photographer who had the same thought so we were both armed with our tripods and remote shutters and sat there at our respective picnic tables snapping photos as the sun set.  It was very cool watching the changing lake and light as the sun went down.   Dragonflies came out to fest on the flies, as did the fish, who jumped out of the water to catch their dinner.   And later just as the night was fully descending, the bats came out to feast as well.   There were fishermen and boaters out on the water enjoying the view as well.

I had thought to get up before dawn to capture the sunrise.  But even though I woke up in time, I truly did not want to deal with climbing out of my sleeping bag, getting dressed and trying to look somewhat presentable after dealing with what were essentially outhouses with no running water, and then traipsing down to shoreside with my camera gear.   We have another site reserved in mid-September at the same lake.  Tim may take it to use just with his friends.  But if he does not, this site is right on the shoreline, so perhaps I will be able to capture the sunrise then.

Meanwhile I'm happy with these.

I love Mt Hood.   Somehow I feel like it's "my" mountain.  When I was in my early teens I asked my mother, who was an oil painter at the time, to paint me a huge painting of Hood so I could put it on my bedroom wall.   I kept that painting until just a few years ago (although it was in our attic for many years.)   When I was in my late teens my parents and I were driving on I84 towards the east side of Portland,  not far from the entry to the Columbia Gorge.   As we rounded a corner, Hood appeared in the near distance.   My first thought at that moment was that I was going to live out in this area when I was older.   We were passing the Gresham exit just at that moment.   I remembered that and when Bob and I started looking to purchase our first home, we set off to look in Gresham.   Now every time I drive home from work I see Hood.    I love that we live close enough that we can be at timberline in less than an hour.   :)

My father died in a climbing accident on Mt Hood in 1987.  You would think that would sour me on the mountain.  But it didn't.  In a strange way it made the connection even stronger.   

I love this mountain.



more photos under here…. )

. .
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I had so much fun yesterday.   I'm reading the book "Quiet," which if you are an introvert you must read.   As I was reading I caught up on about 90% of our laundry.  Whew, am so glad that is almost done.

Then from about 1pm to 3am (yes 14 hours) I went through my backlog of photos and worked on some of them.   It was so much fun that I stayed up until 3am which is when my eyes finally crapped out on me.  I would have still been going if it were for my eyes deciding they really needed some sleep sometime soon.   I'm really hoping to spend today much in the same way.

I was a bit worried that I was so overtaxed due to work and RL stuff that I would not be able to remember anything from my 3-day photography class.   I was so happy that I did remember a lot.   I think the class really paid off.

I first spent a few hours going through a lot of my previous SPN con photos.  I'm determined to finally use my own photographs at Vancon for autographs.   I have it in my head to perhaps put something together with at least one photo from each of the six cons I've been too.   I've been playing with layouts for several weeks but I actually have to find some photos I'm happy enough with to use.   After yesterday I may just give up on this idea and go with either a single shot or a composite of no more than 3 shots.   It was both gratifying to see how far I've come in photography and frustrating to see so many bad photos from the early cons.  

I've said before that SPN cons were the impetus  to my getting back into photography and this time (as opposed to 20 years ago) spending time and effort (and $$$) to learn how to do it right.   I started at the first LA with a simple point-and-shoot camera that I even bought specifically for that con.  After seeing the resulting photos, I never used that camera again.   It wasn't the camera's fault of course.   Point and shoots will never work well in a convention-type venue.  Although it did take pretty good videos!   I think that con was the first (and last) con that I ever attempted to video.   I recorded the whole J2 breakfast, including Jared's engagement announcement.   That was fun to re-watch.   

However, most of the LACon 2008 photos sucked.  Big time.   I played around with this shot of Jared for quite a long time.

And ended up with this....


A slightly different version - composite with a very blurry Jared-in-motion-laughing photo.  If (and that is a *big* if) I decide to use the composite version, I still need to work on it.  This was a draft that I had to walk away from because I was finding it frustrating to work with such poor and grainy images.

Then I decided to see if I could find a Jensen.  I was even more frustrated by my Jensen LACon 2008 photos.  Then went through the J2s.    Again with the frustration.  I played with a few a bit before I gave up in complete frustration.

I then browsed through photos from ChiCon 2008, LACon 2009, and Vancon 2009.   Chicon 2008 was where I invested in a good DSLR but still knew crap about it and didn't realize how important the right lens was.  I was using a 20-year old (decent quality) lens from my old Canon EOS film camera.   But the lens was not fast enough, so again I was frustrated.   I have some *great* J2 moments from LACon 2009 and some are even in focus (most are not), which was more dumb luck than anything else.   If I continue with this idea of using a shot from each con, I will be challenged to find the 1-2 I most want to use.   I gave up partway through looking at Vancon 2009 - that damn pink lighting.   Although I think with what I learned in my recent photo class, I might actually have a chance of getting rid of some of it.

So anyway.  Frustrated.   I broke for some lunch and laundry.  A couple hours later I started going through my non-SPN photo backlog.   And that's where the fun really began.   Below are some of the results.  I'm hoping to spend more time doing this today.


above :: This one and directly below are from my mother's house.   I was over spending a night with her (she's doing fantastic btw, her recovery is close to complete) and wanted to play some more with interior HDR shots.  I specifically choose to make both these photos hyper-realistic/surreal.   The shot was not dramatic enough to keep it to a more realistic version (IMO).   I really love the red chair and the pillows on the couch.   I may post with the before and after of these shots later.  I used a *lot* of the techniques I learned in class a few weeks ago.  Most of which were non-HDR techniques involving layer masks.  Finally conquering masks in PS was worth the price of class alone.  These were a lot of fun to do.  Especially since I now have more idea what to do with the weird-ass photo merges that come out of Photoshop when I do the initial HDR merge.



above ::   Queen Anne's lace from the side of the road a few weekends ago.   For some reason I can now barely recall, I always associate Queen Anne's lace with my father.  :)


above  ::   I had to double back when I spied this field with several abandoned vehicles.    There was an ugly white structure in the background between these two cars.   Which I removed.   

I spent the remainder of the night working on some photos of a friend of mine from the beach retreat we took in early June.  I *very* excited by how they are turning out.   I may share those when I'm done with them.

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A photo I took on Friday while driving with my mother around the area where I grew up.   This was on top of Cooper Mountain (which is more a foothill than a mountain), overlooking the town of Beaverton, which is where I spent years 9-18.   I went to grade school not far from here.   This was a newish (hell anything that wasn't there when I was there is newish to me! ha!) nature park at the crest.

These three girls were playing.   But they were doing it so seriously.    They were sitting on this rock just as we pulled into the parking lot and I was getting out of my car.

I tried some of the techniques I learned in the Digital Artistry class I took a couple of weeks ago.  There was so much information in that class and I'm finding it hard to remember a lot.  Good thing I did take *some* notes.

(click to enlarge)
Now that June is finally over (thank goodness), I still haven't really had a chance to fully recharge.   Way too much going on.  Our vegetable garden is going grand!  We had gorgeous salads yesterday with lettuce from our garden and other veges from the local farmers market.    Yesterday Bob bought a "leaker hose" (my term-a hose with tiny holes in it that seeps out water gently) and a timer so we can program early morning and late evening watering of the garden.   Now that summer has *finally* hit and this garden is in our SW facing back yard and literally bakes in the summer - this will be a good thing.

Today is Bob's annual union picnic at Oaks Amusement Park.  I am so torn.   Honestly (shssh, looks around) I find these a bit on the boring side.  I've stopped going to my own company picnics decades ago.  And Oaks Park is ... I don't know ... like I said, I'm torn.   It could be a wonderful opportunity to get some great candid shots.   There are crowds of people.  Amusement rides.   Lots of kids.   And everyone is taking photos so it's not like you stand out as a creeper or anything.  Plus since I now have my 70-200mm lens I could get some close up shots without being close up.   

But then again, I've about 6 weeks of a lot a great photos that I've had no time to do anything with.  I had hoped to do some of that this weekend.  But here it is Sunday morning and I've only done one photo (see above) and that one I took this weekend!   And if I go to Oaks Park it's just more photos backing up in my queue.   Sheesh.   (Plus did I mention?  A bit on the boring side?)   Plus I can't eat any of the picnic food.  And it's going to be a hot one today and there's little to no shade.

I don't know, I guess I'll decide on the spur of the moment in a bit.  Right now I'm leaning against it.  I really could use some downtime.

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linked by [ profile] missyjack:

Too busy to re-type/re-summarize, so I'm just copying what I posted on FB:

SO DAMN BUSY. *deep breath* Here's a cute fan-folksong/vid about Game of Thrones. Found it linked somewhere [missyjack] last night and it gave me a nice moment of "oh hell yeah" with chuckles.

Stayed with Mom again last night. She is doing SO much better, but will still need someone with her for a while longer (not yet sure how long) so we are all still doing shifts to have 24x7 coverage.

My project work life is abundantly overflowing (see the positive spin on that, huh?) Both kids have now GRADUATED (Yay Tim and Emily!) All celebratory graduation events are done. We have another birthday tomorrow (yay, Emily) and Emily has also finished her last board exam today (again, YAY, Emily!)

I have a 3-day class starting Monday. Am working some over the weekend otherwise my work life will be overly chaotic when I return next Thursday.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Honestly I am LIVING by my calendar and taking things a moment at a time. Waiting for July.

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Been VERY busy.   Almost through all the graduation events.   Mom is recovering from her fall.  The family is taking shifts on a 24x7 schedule to stay with her while she is healing.

Emily's college graduation is later today.   Can't believe both our kids have graduated.   *beams*

I have a photography class coming up next Mon-Weds.  Looking forward to it.  It's photoshop-centric.   

Been VERY busy at work.  Keep getting new projects assigned.  While I'm flattered our department head only wants me on some of these big projects, I'm concerned about the volume of work.  

Hopefully after next weekend (not this coming, but the one after), things will move back to normal.

Meanwhile I've been taking loads of photos - but have had no time or energy to do anything with them.   Here is one from some shooting I did up at Crown Point in the Columbia River Gorge on the evening of Emily's college award ceremony - which, btw, she won most outstanding restorative student!    

I've so many great photos from the past 3 weeks, I can't wait to get the time to do something with them.


Edit: Went and grabbed one from the Crown Point shoot - this one is of Mt Hood. Taken from our car as we were moving. Hence the ghost outlines in the image.


Edit:  Okay one more

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Thanks to everyone who voted for Tim's film, Time Chaser, in the International Youth Silent Film Festival!    We won't know the results of the viewer voting until June 7th.   

Tim's film did not win the judging contest unfortunately.  There were a LOT of really good films.  I was very impressed.  It was so cool to see Tim's film on a big screen and with live organ music accompaniment.   The guy (kid) who played the organ is one of the organizers of the event.  Turns out he is the son of someone I grew up with - a former childhood neighborhood friend who is now in local politics.   Small world.   

This is the second year for the event and it's become so popular that it has gone international.  And is expanding outside of Portland in the US as well.   They have several regional and international events coming up.   

Tim was not upset to lose.  He thought the two winning films were great.  He ended the evening saying, "I'm going to blow them out of the water next year."  =D

Here are some photos I took before and after the event.   It was mostly too dark inside the theater to get any decent shots.   This is the old Portland Hollywood Theater, which was built in 1926 and in in the National Register of Historic Places.  


photos under here... )



Aug. 4th, 2011 06:54 pm
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 I never post anymore.  I know, I suck.   

Love the news about an extra SPN episode!  \O/

Also I just got my repaired Canon 40D back!  My Jenny!   So Jenny joins my new 7D camera.  Which today I decided to call Sammy.  :-)

We just got back from a 3 day weekend in Central Oregon.  Took some photos of a beautiful lake we went kayaking on Saturday.  (photos here)

Working hard, but having fun.

Bob's birthday is tomorrow and Tim's 18th is on the 22nd, so busy with those as well.

Is it September yet?   I'm very ready for season 7!

I gifted S1-S3 DVDs to my cousin Christine and hubby David who live in St. Paul.  I visited with them a few weeks ago in St. Paul.  Chris and I hadn't seen each other for about 20 years!  But we hit it off like wildfire.   They expressed an interest in SPN.   We watched the "Fight the Faries" episode together on Friday when it aired on CW.   So I sent them S1-S3!

I do read LJ regularly btw.  I just don't post much anymore.   Been kinda living on FB and now on Google+.  If anyone is on Google+ let me know--I'd love SPN friends on there.
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Anyone watching Rubicon?  

I didn't even know there was such a show.  I spent the night at my mother's visiting the other day.  I showed her some of my current favorite shows through her On Demand cable option.  (No not SPN, I've shown her that plenty of times!)   While we were watching an episode of Mad Men several commercials for Rubicon came on.  Looked a little intriguing.   Anyone watching it?  Any good?

We stayed up until past midnight because I wanted her to see Project Runway.  It wasn't offered on an On Demand basis so we had to wait for a repeat to air at 11pm (1-1/2 hours--double the commericals! Ugh!)   I really wanted her to see it because she is so into sewing.   Both of our heads were dropping about halfway through (after midnight dontchakno!)  I told her we didn't need to finish it if she didn't want to.  But she wanted to!   I did end up dozing off (I'd seen the episode already.)   I woke up at the end and my mother was all into talking about the episode.   I knew she'd like it.  I'm not even that into sewing and I love it because it shows off creativity.

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My 15 year old son just passed his driver's permit test. 

Watch out!


*is proud*
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Here's photo post #2. Just a slideshow this time....[ profile] kemiloo --you did a great job!

Our holiday decorations...

ETA:  I had to update to add this one photo--it doesn't show up well in the slideshow...

under the cut for the photo... )

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Well that's over.

I actually have a great "I'm grateful for" post floating in my head.  I just can't get it down in words.  I should have paused to write it when it occured to me a couple of days ago.  Oh well.

So today was...interesting.  And good.  But...yeah...interesting.

Still sick.  In fact I woke up feeling worse than I did the past couple of days.  However I think I mostly held to my "not freaking out" mode.  It threatened a couple of times.  But never came full force.  

Of course my voice is almost gone from my cold.

Had some family drama on Hubby's side at dinner.

Everyone said the food was good.  I personally didn't think so (I made it so I can say that!).  But everyone's telling me it's because of my cold.

Actually it was a good day/evening.  Had a good conversation with Em this evening.  We cleaned the kitchen--mostly me because she helped out so much making the food when I started to collapse around 4pm.

Oh, btw... [ profile] fickleone , I ended up burning sage about an hour after everyone left. 

Boy did it smoke a lot!  (hee!)

ETA:  Oh forgot to mention that my email went away for just over a day--I didn't receive any LJ or other emails yesterday.  Our internet had been drastically slowing down over the past several weeks.  I was putting off calling the cable company because I just didn't feel up to dealing with them.  But finally I had to--and on Thanksgiving morning!  It was frustrating for a bit.  But they finally reset our modem and not only did the email problem go away but our internet sped up again!  So cool.

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I'm waiting for my son's football pants to finish drying so I can drive him to school.  He has a game tonight.  He should have washed them last night--I didn't even know he had them to wash until 6:15 this morning when he comes from the bathroom and takes them out of his backpack and says he has to wash them before he can go to school (he has to catch the bus at 7:00!)  *sigh*  Luckily he doesn't have to be at school until 8.  So he just barely had enough time.  I'm forcing him to work on homework while we are waiting.  *evil, evil mother!  hee!*

So I'm spending some time just browsing LJ. 

Just had a random thought about how nice it is to amuse myself so quickly and easily by reading through the flist.  Whatever did I do before this to take little breathers from life?  I can't even recall. 


Sep. 1st, 2008 07:16 pm
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We all went for a three day trip to Sunriver in central Oregon.  Our family has been going there off and on for 20ish years.  Central Oregon is a beautiful spot for vacationing.  Mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, high desert.  Beautiful weather. 

I like Sunriver for many reasons.  It's a resort community where you can rent out condos or homes for days at a time.  The homes are usually beautiful.  You have access to the resort's pools and the resort offers golfing, canoeing, horseback riding, and miles and miles of bike trails.  In the winter there are shuttle buses up to Mt. Bachelor for skiing.

I like going there because I can just relax while everyone else can do what they want.  There's just something about the area that makes me feel good and relax.

Turns out we didn't do much of anything.  Bob, Tim, Emily, Alex and I mostly just lazed around.  Usually that's my gig.  It drove Bob a little nuts because he prefers activity.  But I went with him up to Lake Hosmer (see photos under the cut) where he took Tim's kayak out for about 1-1/2 hours.  It was beautiful up there.  I found myself thinking we needed to get more kayaks because I wanted to go with him.  As it was I sat at the side of the lake and just enjoyed the view and people watched.   There were a lot of people putting in canoes and kayaks.  It was a very calm and peaceful lake that does not allow motors.

For the rest of the time...we lazed.  And Bob, Tim, and Alex did the xBox Halo 3 thing.  I enjoyed watching them play actually.

Emily and I made actual meals...breakfast, lunch, and dinners.  It was nice to have just together time.

pictures under the cut... )

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feeling a bit better.  This bug is like clockwork I swear.  You get it about 2 days after exposure.  It hits you like a brickwall all of a sudden.  You are death walking for about 1.5-2 days, then you start to feel better almost as quickly--except you are very weak because you really haven't eaten or drank anything for about 2days and thought of doing either is ... unappetizing.  And your....insides....still take about 2ish days to get back to normal.

Today is my son's 15th birthday and I've spent it all in bed.  We got him Rock Band.  You know what he's drumming to right now?  Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive.  They're going out to a late dinner in a few moments to celebrate.  I'm not going.  1) this thing is extremely contagious and I don't need to be spreading it around and 2) the thought of smelling food?  *shudders*  Plus noise makes me feel bad again.

I still haven't eaten or drank, but I am thinking about watching me some S2, so I'm starting to get better I think.


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